JUST IN: Podesta Gets Bad Legal News, It’s Happening

A new legal development promises to expose the inside scoop on one top Democrat supporter’s business associations with a Pro-Putin Russian group.

Conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch has sued the Department of State for the records of the Podesta Group, whose chairman, Tony Podesta, resigned in light of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation.

The group announced yesterday that it filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit against the US Department of State for all records about the Podesta Group as well as the European Centre for a Modern Ukraine. Both of these groups have connections to the recent indictment Paul Manafort by Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

The lawsuit emerged after the State Department failed to respond to an earlier FOIA request on September 13th, 2017. Various records such as the communications between employees of the State Department as well as those of the Podesta Group were requested, but not provided.

“Mueller’s Special Counsel operation seems more interested in the alleged foreign ties of the Trump Team, rather than Hillary Clinton’s associates,” stated Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton. “Judicial Watch aims to figure out the truth of what exactly the Podesta Group was doing with the Obama State Department.”

“Podesta has been tied to the Clintons, and Paul Manafort is tied to the Trump team. We want to know if there was any disparate treatment of team Trump versus team Clinton by Robert Mueller whose investigation is suspicious given its partisan nature,” added Mr. Fitton. “Judicial Watch is suing the State Department to find out the truth about what the Podesta group was up to with the Obama State Department.

The Podesta group had a strong lobbying presence in Washington, DC before the scandal. The Podesta Group is run by brothers Tony and John Podesta, the latter of which was Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager in the 2016 presidential election. John Podesta was also victim to a hack that saw thousands of his e-mails distributed by WikiLeaks.

Robert Mueller’s investigation has been looking into the group, as it may have violated the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) for not disclosing the work it did on behalf of a Ukrainian-based think tank whose policies were undoubtedly pro-Putin, according to The Washington Examiner.

The entanglement with the Special Counsel’s investigation has damaged the firm’s reputation to such an extent that it’s now on the verge of shutting down. CNN reported that Podesta Group’s chief executive, Kimberley Fritts, said that the firm would cease to exist at the end of the year and that employees were asked to clear out their desks, possibly not getting paid beyond November 15th.

Once considered the largest non-law lobbying organization on Capitol Hill, the nigh 30-year old company saw many of its top lobbyists leave to other positions, with Ms. Fritts herself announcing that she was leaving.

The Podesta brothers have been big-name players in Democrat and progressive politics for decades. Do you believe that the Podestas colluded with the Russians to smear Donald Trump?

Tony Podesta has donated extensively to the Clinton campaign as well as the Democrat Party. In July of 2016, He raised $268,000 for Clinton’s campaign, as well as donated $34,000 to the Hillary Victory Fund. Mr. Podesta also donated $33,400 to the DNC last year.

Hopefully, Judicial Watch will succeed in finding out just how supposedly impartial Mr. Mueller’s investigation has really been, along with any wrongdoings this Clinton-supporter may have committed.