Pittsburgh Steelers Stayed In Locker Room While National Anthem Played. Except…

Many NFL fans tuned in to their games today expecting to see some form of protest against the National Anthem, as that, sadly, has become the new trend. When the Steelers game was about to start fans watched on in shock.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are playing the Chicago Bears today. As the game was about to start the Bears stood together, arm in arm, as the Star Spangled Banner played. The Steelers vowed to stay in the locker room during the song to the disgust of many football fans. According to Independent Journal Review, everyone on the team did stay in the locker room, except Army Veteran and player No. 78 on the Steelers, Alejandro Villanueva.

As the National Anthem played the coaching staff for the Steelers could be seen on the sidelines, but no players stood beside them. All that could be seen was them, and  Villanueva, who was standing proudly outside the tunnel to the locker room with his right hand on his heart.

The Veteran Army Ranger showed that he does not care about the rest of his team protesting a non-issue. Instead, he did what he has done his entire life.

He stood strong as the National Anthem played. This is the kind of respect that is missing from the sport and the cause of all of the chaos currently taking place on and off the football field.

Many brave men and women died for our freedom. Despite any problems that you see in the nation, whether they are real or not, the least you can do is respect the people who put their lives on the line for us.

The rest of the  Steelers blatantly disrespected their teammate, who served three tours in Iraq before playing for the Pittsburgh Steelers. He dedicated a major chunk of his life to securing our freedoms and his teammates could not stand with him — not even one person, aside from the coaching staff.

Many people on Twitter took notice to Villanueva on Twitter. The posts started racking up quickly after fans began to notice. Fans thanked him for his service, and for being willing to stand up when no one else would. That is what being strong is about.

The controversy began to swirl when Colin Kaepernick decided to kneel during a game when he played for the 49ers last year. He said that he was standing to combat racism and police brutality.

Though Kaepernick never specified exactly what he meant, other NFL players flocked to his behavior and began to kneel and now, are staying in the locker room during our country’s most treasured song.

Things only got worse when the Democrats took Trump’s Alabama speech Friday and ran with it. They continue to hound our president and twist his every word, making it appear as if anything he says is racist, or not in the best interests of the American people. We, obviously, know otherwise.