JUST IN: Picture of Obama From 2 Years Ago Emerges… CNN Humiliated

Since President Trump took office, the mainstream media, with CNN at the forefront, has been affording enormous amounts of coverage to the alleged collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government–despite a lack of evidence.

Interestingly, while the left-wing media uses any connection between Trump and Russia as confirmation for their scandal, they ignore Obama’s intimate relationship with Russia–best represented by a now-resurfacing 2015 photo, published by The Daily Mail, in which Obama and Putin huddle so close their foreheads nearly touch.

The photo and accompanying article showcase the curious double standard the media has with President Trump. Taken at the G-20 summit in 2015, the picture captures a discreet meeting between then-President Obama and the Russian strongman.

The Daily Mail article describes how Obama met with Putin for 35 minutes on the eve of 2015’s G-20 summit. The meeting took place away from reporters. The pair were captured on television feeds but their conversation was inaudible so as to allow greater privacy.

The matter-of-fact description of the meeting between Obama and Putin is in stark contrast to the accusatory tone the media took to President Trump’s talks with Putin at last month’s G-20 summit.

In fact, The Daily Mail also covered the Trump-Putin meeting. Their article portrays events in such a way as to make President Trump’s’ actions seem questionable and suspicious, with interjections such as the reference to no US officials being present to take notes. They infer that this means knowledge of what transpired depends on Trump’s recollection.

The wording of the article suggests Trump is trying to hide the nature of the meeting from the public.

Yet The Daily Mail‘s article from two years ago casts no such suspicion on Obama–who likewise made sure reporters could not listen in on his conversation with the Russian president. The Daily Mail‘s coverage is typical of the mainstream media’s attitude toward Trump versus their treatment of Obama.

The media repeatedly cites Trump’s supposed closeness to Putin, which in reality is nothing more than an acknowledgment of America and Russia’s common interest in fighting terrorism in Syria. Yet this is the very same topic Obama allegedly discussed in his off-the-record talk with the Russian president. Defeating ISIS calls for cooperation between the world’s two largest powers.

Furthermore, the media’s selective scrutiny of Trump over Obama made them turn a blind eye to Obama’s close relationship with Russia. Obama was responsible for the Russian “reset,” an attempt to improve relations with Moscow. He even had then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton present Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov with a red button bearing the word “reset,” according to The New York Times.

Additionally, the Weekly Standard reports that Obama was caught on a “hot mic” back in 2012 telling then-Russian President Dmitri Medvedev that he would have “more flexibility” after the then-upcoming US general election.

Obama’s closeness to Putin included having Secretary Clinton orchestrate the Russian acquisition of a controlling interest in the Uranium One mining company–a transaction that gave Russia 25 percent of America’s uranium production capacity. This deal was heavily covered by The New York Times.

For the Left, working with Russia is only suspicious if you happen to be Donald Trump. Will the mainstream media ever move past the Russia narrative? While they continue to spin their hysteria, the wise course for President Trump is to continue with his agenda that tangibly improves the lives of Americans.