INCREDIBLE Photo From White House Reveals The REAL Donald Trump

President Obama was not known for being friendly with evangelicals. In one of his last National Day of Prayer Breakfast speeches, he criticized Christians for “ignoring” the Crusades as evidence of Christian violence, and many evangelicals and faith leaders were not pleased with him.

President Trump, in contrast, has been quite successful in reaching out to and partnering with evangelical leaders. A recent photo of President Trump surrounded by faith leaders as they prayed for him is going viral. Could Trump be bringing America back to its history of relying on God?

Image via Rodney & Adonica Howard-Browne / FB


More than 30 leaders were invited to the White House to attend a meeting on Monday. The agenda included topics such as the Affordable Care Act, religious freedom, and support for Israel. But what made this meeting different from the others was the humbling prayer circle formed around Trump that included well-known pastors like Jack Graham and Paula White-Cain. (via Western Journalism)

And this isn’t the first time the current president has accepted this type of prayer. In 2015, during his campaign, the same pastors laid hands on him in prayer in Trump Tower. He was also prayed over again in 2016 at the height of his campaign.

Johnnie Moore, a media relations manager for some of the pastors in attendance, told the Christian Post, “Various ones of us have prayed with him many times and have been praying for him for a long time … We believe we are a praying nation, and we begin by praying for our leaders.”

The powerful photo portrays the pastors laying hands on the president while they pray, which is a common evangelical act derived from the New Testament. There are many instances in the Bible of the laying on of hands, but in Acts, the gesture is used to convey authority and responsibility to another Believer.

Because of this and many more biblical examples of praying over leaders, it has long been an assumed responsibility, especially of evangelical Christians, to hold U.S. presidents and other political leaders up in prayer. As Moore stated, “As you know, most evangelicals believe it’s a sacred responsibility to pray for the president, and this is very much in our tradition as Americans who once took — and sometimes still do take — this responsibility seriously.”

The meeting the pastors were invited to was a gathering to pray for wisdom and protection over President Trump and his staff.

The meeting comes on the heels of the scandal surrounding an uneventful meeting between the president’s eldest son and a Russian attorney. But Johnnie Moore commented that Trump was “very much in command” and “in great spirits, as was the vice president.”

Moore characterized the meeting as a “lighthearted visit among friends.” He said they similarly prayed for Obama, but with Trump it’s different because they feel they are “praying in the context of a real relationship.”

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Pastor Rodney Howard-Browne also took to Instagram to share his sentiments, “Wow – we are going to see another great spiritual awakening.”

No matter what opposition President Trump may face from here on out, one thing is certain – he seems to be facing things under the leading of Providence, much like the Founding Fathers of our great country. Is Trump’s partnership with evangelicals a sign that he plans to bring the U.S. back to its spiritual roots?

We can only end with one sentiment: In the words of Pastor Rodney Howard-Browne, “Great Job Mr. President- Great Job.”