WATCH: Nancy Pelosi’s Goons Just Turned On Her In Public – It’s Humiliating

Ever since 1972, the Democrat Party has tried to keep a lid on the internal conflicts within its own party. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), a known liberal, just lost a face-to-face confrontation with her party’s far-left wing.

Yesterday, while Pelosi was trying to give a press conference, several illegal immigrant protesters stormed the stage and refused to let Pelosi finish her talk. With a noticeably shaky hand, Pelosi was forced to cut the presser short as far-left radicals chanted, “Brown power!” and “Fight 4 All 11 Million.”

The 11 million number represents the approximate number of illegal immigrants currently in the United States.

Using a call-and-response tactic, the protesters not only tried to drown out Pelosi, but they also yelled, “Trans Lives Matter.”

It seems that the anger was over Pelosi’s recent huddling with President Donald Trump. While many of Trump’s MAGA core are furious that the President may be thinking about keeping all Dreamers (of which there are 800,000) in the United States, the far-left feel that Pelosi and Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) “sold them out” when they discussed a border wall with Trump.

They shouted in unison: “You met with Trump, and you call that resistance?”

Ironically, Pelosi’s podium was decorated with the words “#ProtectDreamers.” It seems that at least some Dreamers do not feel that she is protecting them at all.

Hollywood actor and known conservative James Woods summed up the entire event by tweeting: “. being swamped by a mob of her own creation. Surprised they didn’t boil her in a pot and eat her.”

Such inner-party fighting is not uncommon for the Democrats. During the 2016 election, not only did the Democrat National Committee work to suppress votes for the self-proclaimed Democrat-socialist Bernie Sanders, but both Sanders and Hillary Clinton were shouted down by Black Lives Matter activists.

A small minority of the party’s far-left fringe have been advocating for the removal of all white politicians and voters from the party. This is an outgrowth of the party’s support for identity politics and its support for the “browning” of the American electorate.

Many conservative commentators have warned that the Democrats are pushing America towards “Brazilification,” a status quo featuring high crime, high income inequality, the militarization of police, and race-based political parties. Not one of this was envisioned by the Founders of our Republic, and Brazilification only further leads to anarcho-tyranny.

Pelosi shouted down in her own press conference. Is this oddly satisfying to watch?

The shutdown of Pelosi’s speech signifies that a significant part of the Democrat Party no longer sees her, Hillary Clinton, or Chuck Schumer as adequately “progressive.” For conservatives who know full well how liberal Pelosi is, this is both a fortunate turn of events and an impending disaster.

The good news is that the more the Democrats embrace the Alt-Left, the more American voters turn away from them. Also, the more the Left embraces violent street protests and demonstrations, the more Americans embrace conservative and reactionary politics as a result.

The bad news is that the Left’s new radicalism will invariably lead to more political violence. Given that Antifa and other far-left organizations see everyone to the right of Clinton as “fascists,” nobody is safe from their assaults.