BREAKING: Pelosi Issues Disgusting Trump Insult, She Went Too Far

As President Trump continues the first Asia tour of his presidency, the reactions from media and members of Congress have been mixed. While some have praised the President’s meetings with global leaders, others have continued the opposition narrative.

On Thursday, Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), held her weekly meeting as House Minority Leader and used the publicity to criticize President Trump. As The Washington Free Beacon reported, Rep. Pelosi mocked the President, saying, “It was curious to see President Trump in China,” Pelosi said. “Candidate Trump said that what’s happening in China trade was the greatest theft in the history of the world, and yesterday he said our trade deficit with China, which is huge, is not China’s fault.”

She further remarked, “you can almost hear the leadership of the Chinese government laughing from China to America. … Maybe you can feel it coming through the ground because if you dig a hole here, you will reach China.”

However, Rep. Pelosi did not elaborate on President Trump’s remark or the fact that he blames former-President Obama and previous administrations for allowing the trade discrepancy to happen in the first place.

During President Trump’s recent visit to China, he said, “I don’t blame China. After all, who can blame a country for being able to take advantage of another country for benefit of their citizens? I give China credit.”

On the surface, the comments seem different than what he said as a presidential candidate in May 2016. Then, he famously remarked, “We can’t continue to allow China to rape our country and that’s what they’re doing. It’s the greatest theft in the history of the world.” Even then, however, he did not note who he blamed for the situation — only that the situation was bad for America.

“We want a vibrant trade relationship with China,” President Trump recently said in China. “We also want a fair and reciprocal one. Today, I discussed with President Xi the chronic imbalance in our relationship as it pertains to trade and the concrete steps it will take to solve the problem of massive trade distortion.”

Chinese President Xi remarked, “As two distinctive countries, our two sides may have different views or differences on some issues. This is natural. The key is to properly handle and manage them.”

Rep. Pelosi’s comments about China’s supposed mockery of America doesn’t seem to be accurate given the extensive welcome and respect showed to President Trump. At the Chinese capital, President Trump was met with schoolchildren who waved both US and China flags, and some even calling out, “I love you!”

Some media outlets have admitted, “President Trump is being treated like a royal during his visit to China.” He was treated to an extremely rare dinner at China’s “Forbidden City,” a famed imperial palace once used for centuries by Chinese rulers. The palace has not opened to a foreign leader since 1949, and it was the first time a US president was privy to a state dinner there.

Nancy Pelosi insulted President Trump for statements he made regarding China. Do you agree with her?

President Trump called the meetings with the Chinese president “very productive on both trade and the subject of North Korea.” The two leaders signed trade agreements “valued at more than $250 billion for products including U.S.-made jet engines, auto parts, liquefied natural gas, and beef.”

While Rep. Pelosi and other members of Congress — as well as the media — continue to criticize President Trump, his actions overseas speak for themselves. The visit has already proven productive, whether or not Democrats are honest and admit it.