WATCH: Pelosi Makes Humiliating Admission After Bashing Trump

It appears that the anti-Trumper, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), doesn’t know what she is talking about. But she’s still insistent on attacking President Trump regardless.

Nancy Pelosi made a remarkable admission during her press conference, saying that “I don’t know what he’s putting out today, but I do know it’s a sabotage of the Affordable Care Act,” according to The Sean Hannity Show.

Speaking at a press conference Thursday, Pelosi condemned President Trump’s Executive Order on health care, but in the same sentence, admitted that she had no idea what the President’s order specifically entailed.

“Can you respond to what we know about the President’s Executive Order on health care that they’re putting out today, and what your take is on him doing anything by Executive Order after failing to get anything through Congress on health care?” asked a reporter.

“Well, I don’t know what he’s putting out today, but I do know it’s a sabotage of the Affordable Care Act,” Pelosi responded. “And quite frankly, a great disservice to the American people, many of whom voted for him.”

She continued, saying, “We do know that there is bipartisan support, even some of the high-ranking Republicans in Congress have said we should do the cross-sharing funds that are there. We have to take matters into our own hands as to having be navigators ourselves, to say to people this is the time to sign up.”

“The President, not having seen what he has to say, but just judging from what he has said, knows very little about health care legislation,” she added.

Pelosi’s opinion is not shared by everyone. Senator Rand Paul (S-KY), who is a medical doctor himself, called Trump’s order the “biggest free market reform of health care in a generation.”

Trump’s order allows small and mid-sized businesses to group together to negotiate for better plans from insurers. When coupled with the freedom to compete for plans across state lines, many experts are of the opinion that this action will help drastically reduce health care costs.

Dirk Van Dongen, president of the National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors, said that “Small to midsize businesses have very little leverage in the insurance market. Anything that allows them to amalgamate their purchasing power will be helpful,” according to The New York Times.

She hasn’t read it, but she hates it. Here we go again! Did Trump have to sign executive order before Dems read it to know what it says?

When reporters asked Pelosi if she thought it was appropriate that Trump used an Executive Order, she said, “He, as one who has criticized the [former] President for acting under Executive Order, it’s pretty interesting to see that he would go down a path about which he knows little and to do so flying in the face of Congress and saying all the while ‘I have the votes for health care.’ Something’s wrong with this picture.”

Trump’s decision to use an Executive Order came after months of inaction from the GOP, who have consistently failed to pass a repeal bill despite holding a majority in both houses of Congress. The decision to employ an Executive Order was used as a last resort in the face of waiting for an ideologically and politically gridlocked GOP to act, even as American’s health care premiums explode.

In contrast to Pelosi’s claims, President Trump’s Executive Order is an important step to bringing affordable health care to the public.