Politically-Correct Liberals Want To Ban Father’s Day, Celebrate This Instead

One of the big questions America faces is, “What would happen if political correctness went wrong?” Well, that era is closer than realized, and one early childhood activist in Australia wants to ban Father’s Day.

Dr. Red Ruby Scarlet is calling for a ban on the allegedly offensive, Father’s Day once and for all, according to The Daily Mail. Instead, Scarlet thinks that we need to replace the first Sunday in September–Father’s Day in Austrailia–with “Special Person’s Day,” so children who don’t know their fathers don’t get offended. Keep in mind; Scarlet has a doctorate in early childhood studies, which is even more alarming.

All the while, Scarlet cannot figure out what the problem is about canning Father’s Day. “Why are we calling this political correctness when in fact it’s about our rights?”

She never went on to clarify who’s rights are infringed upon by Father’s Day, but she did note, “There’s a range of different communities across Australia.” One New South Wales Liberal minister named David Elliott has had enough.

Elliot goes to point out that “rubbish” like this would only add fuel to the political correctness fire and urge even more rash decisions. The minister cannot understand why someone would choose to hold this opinion–especially one with Scarlet’s credentials.

“Can’t believe that someone who professes to be ‘enlightened’  would advocate such crap,” Elliot stated. He then discussed how people celebrate Father’s Day and explained why Scarlet’s proposal is a terrible idea.

Elliot reasoned that when the holiday comes around, there are plenty of people who take the time to remember and celebrate their fathers and grandfathers who had passed away. In fact, it seems like the perfect occasion to celebrate the remembrance of the “fathers” in one’s life.

He went on to compare eliminating Father’s Day to eliminating Anzac Day so that people who dodge the draft are not offended–or eliminating Labour Day, so Conservatives do not become offended.

You could use this reasoning with Mother’s Day. What about people who have mothers that passed away, are in the military, or give their children up for adoption? Should Mother’s Day be banned so kids don’t get offended? Scarlet has yet to address that issue.

Dr. Red Ruby Scarlet, from Australia, wants to change Father’s Day to “Special Person’s Day,” so children who don’t know their fathers don’t get offended. Does this sound like something we should consider?

This kind of controversial decision has been mentioned in the past here in the United States, but nothing has ever come from it. If just one country decided to make the switch and do away with Father’s Day, a domino effect would likely follow.

Elliot closed a Facebook post by saying, “Dr Red Ruby Scarlet – you are the offensive one. May we should start a campaign to address that.” At this time, Scarlet has yet to respond to the outspoken opposition from Elliot and others who are calling this political correctness gone too far.

Stories such as this beg the question, how much political correctness is too much? In order to get a grasp on society, citizens must draw a line in the sand and say “Enough is enough.” For many people, this is that line, and it will likely never be crossed by legitimate votes.