ALERT: Paul Ryan Gets Brutal Dose of Reality

Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan has made a long string of bad decisions, and they have come back to haunt him.

A new poll from NBC has revealed that Paul Ryan is as disliked as Nancy Pelosi. Only 31 percent of respondents view Pelosi favorably, while 30 percent say the same for Ryan. Their rates of disapproval are staggering, at 64 percent and 63 percent, respectively. 

The poll was conducted through Surveymonkey, and was released on August 31st. I don’t think anyone will be surprised at the results, save for maybe Paul Ryan himself.

The truth is, Paul Ryan has failed to deliver on his promises to the American People in many ways. He barely scraped an Obamacare repeal through the house, as Breitbart mentions, but essentially, no one was happy with the bill.

The Speaker of the House has also recently argued that President Trump should not use his executive power to get rid of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). As Christian News Alerts just reported, Ryan was once very outspoken against DACA, arguing it is unconstitutional.

Now he wants Congress to offer a “fix,” when he knows full well that the American people want a full repeal of this law. It seems that Paul Ryan was unable to learn from the healthcare fiasco, and is determined to repeat his losing strategy.

Anyone with such strong disapproval ratings should resign from their position. Career politicians refuse to do the honorable thing, but that’s only because they care more about their own power than the will of the people, and the future of this country.

Eventually, such behavior simply has to get you out of office. How Nancy Pelosi has held on — despite her numbers — is an absolute scandal, and Paul Ryan is heading the same way.

Perhaps Nancy Pelosi has maintained her position because Democrats have few better options. Besides, we all know the party is willing to support candidates they know are unpopular, like Hillary Clinton, even going so far as to rig the primaries for her.

Republicans would never sink so low. Paul Ryan is doomed to leave politics in disgrace, and he should. After all, he’s not on President Trump’s side, so he isn’t on ours.

Consider CNN‘s reaction to Paul Ryan’s growing unpopularity this April. They couldn’t help but paint Ryan as a “victim” to both the Freedom Caucus and “the reality of modern politics.”

A new poll reveals Paul Ryan is as disliked as Nancy Pelosi. Do you disapprove of Paul Ryan’s performance?

While CNN is quick to blame other members of Congress and even voters for Paul Ryan’s failure, I would suggest he take some responsibility for himself. He promised a repeal of healthcare, and he knows DACA is unconstitutional. He has failed to accomplish his goals, and has even changed his opinion from those which voters responded to.

You also have to wonder why CNN has chosen to stick their neck out for the Republican. I guess when your opponent is failing at their job, you start supporting your opponent. That is exactly the reason we should demand Paul Ryan’s resignation, or, at least, refuse to vote him in again.