Pat Buchanan’s Warning to America Is Critical. Please Listen.

The United States has changed drastically over the past ten years. We would never have guessed that the political and cultural spectrum would shift so much in just one decade.

Former presidential candidate Pat Buchanan served as a senior advisor to presidents such as Gerald Ford and Ronald Reagan. Appearing on on Fox News, Buchanan shared a timely message about how federal bureaucrats and the media are working hard to take down President Trump.

During the interview, he started talking about the way people are treating the president. He draws a stark comparison and says that it surpasses the way people treated President Nixon during his last days in office — which is saying something.

Buchanan explained that the violent outbursts and erratic behavior many Trump opponents on the Left is unsettling. If we don’t get it under control, we could be facing significant and prolonged civil unrest in our beloved country.

There are quite a few good points brought up during this interview. It is noted that the “deep state” –engrained bureaucrats and those who have become “lifetime politicians” — and the media want to reverse the election of 2016 because it did not go their way.

One of the primary ways that the “deep state” is fighting against President Trump is by leaking private information to the media — illegally or unethically, of course. These people became so good at dropping information that they had the media clamoring  for President Trump’s impeachment before he even made it into office.

But Buchanan notes that there are solutions for this issue. It was suggested that Trump needs to work with Attorney General Jeff Sessions to go through and find these people who are handing out classified documents and remove them from their positions.

The attempt to bring down the president is unfair to the rest of our country. He was voted in by the people who live, work, and sleep here. It is not right — morally or legally — to try and upset this system because they are not happy with the results of the election.

Our democratic republic is in place to ensure that we have a smooth running political system with clear rules and checks and balances. Some Democrats seem to want to flip that system on its head without acknowledging the consequences. If, on the off chance, they can get the president removed from office, how do they think that’s going to turn out? It would be a constitutional disaster.

The fact of the matter is we have friends, family, children, and lives here. None of it is worth losing, especially over something so simple. If President Trump can shake out the “deep state” as Buchanan suggested, we could then come together as a nation and start building up our beautiful country.

It is going to take a little time and patience, but at the end of the day, we love our country and our president, and we hold our values dear to our heart. Let’s hope that Buchanan’s message reaches the ears of the people in Washington so that we can move forward in peace.