Pastor Uses Perfect Words to Describe Trump’s Visit to His Texas Church During Flood

As the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey continues to ravage the Texas coast, media pundits have moved on to critiquing President Trump and the First Lady. However, one Houston-area pastor has put them all to shame by offering words of encouragement.

Pastor Ken Gurley of First Church of Pearland, Texas, told Fox News that: “Everything in Houston has been just very dramatic, a lot of emotional struggles…to have the President, First Lady, cabinet secretaries and others come, it was just a joy and it was like a shot of adrenaline.”

Pastor Gurley continued on by saying that, “He (President Trump) came across as very compassionate, as very concerned, extremely engaged in the process.”

All told, Pastor Gurley characterized President Trump’s visit as inspirational. He claimed that President Trump looked like a “pro” when handing out supplies to Hurricane Harvey victims.

Over the weekend, Mr. Trump and the First Lady’s were greeted with great fanfare in Houston. People lined up to take selfies with the smiling Commander-in-Chief. For his part, President Trump took time for photos and kissing babies.

Despite the fact that the mainstream media tells them President Trump is a “fascist,” a “racist,” and a “white supremacist,” many of those most excited about meeting the president were black Texans.

The great John Nolte of Breitbart perfectly summed up how the events in Houston disprove the mainstream media’s narrative of a divided country. “The very people who are ordered by the media to hate one another — blacks, Hispanics, whites, southerners, — instead helped, rescued, saved, consoled and soothed one another. From out of state, the Deplorables came, flying the flag of the Cajun Navy, volunteering to risk their own lives to save a city that is much more black and Hispanic than not.”

Despite all of these great scenes of unity and compassion, some left-wing figures used the tragedy to hammer the president. Some claimed that the president’s pardon of former Maricopa County Sheriff, Joe Arpaio, was done under the cover of the hurricane. Others have taken horrible potshots at the First Lady for her choice of shoes.

On a more serious note, the Secret Service fielded at least two assassination threats on the president as he traveled through Texas. Some people in the area were joking about assassinating the president on social media.

The outpouring of support in hurricane ravaged areas has been immense. Does this increase your faith in humanity

Another very credible threat involved a man attempting to drive his car towards the president’s motorcade. Given the recent string of terror attacks involving vehicles across the world, such scenarios are hard to take lightly.

Pastor Gurley’s words deserve to get more play in the mainstream media. America is not as divided as our “betters” claim.

More importantly, Hurricane Harvey has proven that most Americans are fundamentally good and decent people who will rescue neighbors and strangers. The ordinary American is the man who took his boat into the flood water to save people. Ordinary Americans are like Houston SWAT Officer Daryl Hudeck, who stoically carried Catherine Pham and her 13-month-old son Aiden through the brackish water. These are not memes — this is real life, and real heroism.