“Passion Of The Christ” Star Exposes What Hollywood Did To Punish His Faith In God

Actor Jim Caviezel, who played Jesus in the “Passion of the Christ” claimed that his Hollywood career was wrecked after taking the lead role in Mel Gibson’s movie.

“Suddenly I stopped being one of the most popular actors in the industry. Sadly, I hadn’t done anything wrong. I just played Jesus,” Caviezel said.

Caviezel claimed that since 2004, offers dried up and he is shunned by many within the industry despite having the film earn more than $600 million worldwide. In other words, this blacklisting clearly had nothing to do with economics.

Surprisingly, Director Mel Gibson was bashed by the left-wing press for daring to make a major motion picture about the life of Christ, highlighting the fact that Christ is the Lord and the Messiah.

The film was despised for its “graphic” nature, though many seem to miss that the crucifixion itself was graphic and violent. It’s also worth nothing that few who complained have ever had a problem with gore in the past.

During an interview, Caviezel said he was warned by Gibson against playing the role since he would never work in Hollywood again, and well since then Caviezel has found it rough landing on a major role in Hollywood.

Of course, this was always because Hollywood doesn’t want films highlighting the reality of Jesus. Apparently, even mentioning the name Jesus in many studios is pretty offensive, and for Caviezel playing the character passionately pretty much meant a ticket to being blacklisted.

Remarkably, Caviezel, despite his treatment, still believes that he was destined to play this role. In a recent interview, he stated that every Christian should embrace carrying their cross and following Jesus. He further stated that there are no coincidences in God; everything is done by God and through Him with a defined ultimate intention. Caviezel said that not much has changed over 2,000 years as the topic of Jesus Christ is as controversial as it has ever been.

Thirteen years later, Caviezel remains interested in working with Mel Gibson. Fortunately, thanks to streaming services, producers no longer have to go through major studios. The Internet may provide Caviezel with the ability to re-launch his career.

During his twenty minute interview, Caviezel concluded stating that his real duty was not just to show how Jesus was betrayed by his own people and abandoned but to live it in accordance with the gospel everyday while giving witness to the truth.

Overall, the entire experience and process has deepened Caviezel’s faith in God. Surprisingly, Caviezel also had the same initials and was of the same age when acting as Jesus Christ was when He was crucified.

“If the Passion of the Christ inspired many people to do good and deepened them in their faith, why don’t we try it again,” Caviezel said as part of his last words in an interview. “I feel like there’s more purposes in my life again.”

We agree. And the majority of Americans agree with you as well, Mr. Caviezel. We’re just waiting to be heard.