Packers Star Sends Strong Message to Police with Subtle Uniform Change

There has been a lot of controversy on the football field since last year when some players refused to stand during the national anthem. Despite the negativity, there are still plenty of inspiring NFL players out there.

Most recently, Green Bay Packers safety Ha Ha Clinton-Dix took to Twitter to show off a new change to his wardrobe. The change was something that caught many people off guard, in the best way possible. Clinton-Dix showed off his football cleats that now have the names of the fallen police officers in Florida, Sam Howard and Matthew Baxter, written on the side.

This is an excellent example of how to be subtle but effective with your political statements on the field. Just by writing their names on his shoes he is showing a sign of respect, that people are thinking of these officers and their families during these trying times.

There is no need to take it to the level of other NFL stars, like Michael Bennett, Marshawn Lynch, and Colin Kaepernick. The previously mentioned football players kneeled/sat down during the national anthem to show their disdain for what they considered police brutality and racism.

Most find it refreshing to see a professional stand up for something he believes in with some class. While Clinton-Dix does argue for social change on his social media account, such as the right for Lynch and Kaepernick to speak out in defense of their concerns, he believes in doing so in a respectful fashion.

As of right now, Clinton-Dix is working on getting a degree in criminal justice from the University of Alabama — while playing for the NFL! It is good to see someone with such motivation getting the attention he deserves.

Instead of shooting down the opinions of others without question, he is seeking to learn more about the world around him and interacting accordingly. We need more people with this kind of motivation in the world.

The rising star is currently working in an unpaid internship under a Brown County Circuit Court judge in Wisconsin. His goal is to grow from his past experiences and continue to evolve as an individual.

Clinton-Dix’s shoes honor, of course, two of the six police officers who were attacked across Pennsylvania and Florida last week. Baxter and Howard were ambushed and shot while attending a call.

Sadly, 27-year-old Baxter died Friday night, leaving behind a wife and four kids. Howard died Saturday as a result of the wounds, and left behind one teenager.

It is inspiring to see an NFL star pay tribute to these American heroes who are responsible for keeping all of us safe. Not enough people pay tribute to these first responders, especially in politically hostile climates like the NFL.

Moving forward, one can hope to see more professional athletes step up the way that Clinton-Dix did. It is an inspiration to people everywhere, whether you are a professional sports star or not. There needs to be unity brought back to this country, and everyone should be able to agree that the deaths of these police officers are tragic and deserve to be remembered.