BREAKING: Bill O’Reilly Issues Urgent Warning to Trump. It’s War.

Former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly has been fighting for President Trump since the day he was elected president. Now, he has a stern warning that the president needs to hear.

O’Reilly took to his Twitter and revealed that ”If Republicans in the Senate do not stick together, they will lose. And so will working Americans who deserve a tax cut.” The former TV personality added, “Becoming clear that Senate Democrats are not going to cooperate in any tax cut legislation designed by Republicans. Nasty brawl shaping up.”

O’Reilly’s warning is valuable, and the president needs to hear it in such troubling times. Trump has been working carefully with the GOP to repeal and replace Obamacare. Between getting shut down by the Democrats, and a handful of GOP members, like John McCain, voting against the repeal and replace bill, it has been tough to find middle ground.

Trump was easily voted into the White House because of his clear interest in helping the American people. He was not interested in meddling with Wall Street or arming the Mexican Cartel as some in the previous administration were. Instead, he was seeking something a little different – the happiness of the average American worker.

The effects of Obamacare on the United States have been overbearing, to put it lightly. The Heritage Foundation reports that Obamacare creates $1.8 trillion in costs for new health care spending. Where does this money come from? The simple answer is right from Medicare.

Medicare being tapped in such a way is causing big impacts on those who use it for healthcare. If it continues to be tapped for money at this rate, there is going to be a dip in the amount of care for senior citizens, and it will always affect the quality of their care in a big way.

It is also worth noting that under Obamacare, millions have already lost their insurance coverage. The Affordable Care Act caused ripples in the insurance market due to mandates, new coverage plans, and stipulations that exclude insurance from outside sources.

The Heritage Foundation crunched the numbers of Obamacare enrollment data and discovered that 4 million individuals have declined coverage from employer groups. In other words, the Affordable Care Act has failed.

President Trump is doing his best to help American citizens. Do you think Democrats and the media are trying to keep him from governing?

O’Reilly spoke out on August 1st regarding the way the media is handling the president with both healthcare and in general. He explained in a piece that he published in The Hill that, “Americans are being barraged with story lines designed to make it impossible for Donald Trump to govern.”

What we could be seeing here is that same principle, only applied to health care. Democrats are running against Trump’s plan to end Obamacare under fake notions that he is not doing it for the right reasons, or worse yet, he is doing it to appease Russia in some way that they have yet to explain.

All of these stories and rhetoric stop President Trump from doing what he is supposed to be doing — governing in the interests of the American people.