BREAKING: O’Reilly Drops Texas Shooting Truth Bomb, Liberals Hate It

The tragic shooting that occurred in Sutherland Springs, Texas that left at least 26 dead and many other wounded is causing a typical knee-jerk reaction from the anti-gun Hollywood and politicians. Bill O’Reilly recently spoke on the tragedy and addressed one misconception.

O’Reilly’s post breaks down the current situation in the United States where people who are against guns jump on the “gun ban” train after a horrific mass shooting. “News flash: terrorists and psychopaths will always be able to secure weapons no matter what legislation is passed,” O’Reilly wrote. He, like many pro-gun advocates, believe that taking away guns from law-abiding citizens causes more problems than it solves.

He explains that the view of this country due to anti-gun folks is similar to a false reality. The world sees us as this vile and evil place where “not even church goers are safe.”

This perspective is not the case, O’Reilly argues. He points out that the violent crime in the United States is near a “historic low.” People read the rare stories of horrible tragedies, like the shooting in Texas, and use those isolated incidents to spur the belief that everyone in the country is that mentally unstable.

In reality, people who are so mentally unstable that they snap and commit these massacres, are very rare. However, some view these people as a part of the general population due to the bad-natured agenda that anti-gun advocates push.

“After the massacre in Vegas, I said that horrendous crimes are the cost of freedom. Immediately, the dimwits on the far left started braying. Predictable from a crew that thinks banning guns will stop carnage,” O’Reilly wrote.

He is insinuating that the events in Las Vegas, as well as the one in Sutherland Springs, Texas, have two freedom restrictions. First, life–and by default, freedoms–are stolen from the people who died in these events. Still, the Left typically uses this loss of liberty to justify restrictions on everyone else’s freedoms.

In this case, the loss of life in Texas is tragic. But it is also tragic that there are people trying to use this event as a political tool to ban guns.

“My freedom comment is simply this: troubled people have individual rights. Authorities cannot restrain you until you break the law. Privacy entitlements prevent the public from finding out your mental state.” he continues.

“No matter how bizarre a life you lead, you cannot be sanctioned by criminal authority unless you violate a statute.” O’Reilly sums up.

Bill O’Reilly believes no amount of laws will stop criminals from getting guns. Do you agree?

He then points out that in societies that don’t have individual freedoms, people can be taken into custody for no reason. That doesn’t, and shouldn’t, happen in the United States. Citizens have to “violate a statute” to get arrested, and there must be probable cause for that arrest to be made. That is how it works. Even then, citizens are considered innocent until proven guilty, and granted their right of due process so their alleged crimes–and their innocence–may be argued in court.

The point O’Reilly wants everyone to see is that respect for those who lost their lives must be maintained while also preserving individual freedoms. This is a crucial step in ensuring that America remains the land of the free.