REPORT: Bill O’Reilly Prepares Major Move Against Anti-Trump Media. Will You Support Him?

It looks like Bill O’ Reilly is planning to return to the spotlight. The former Fox News host recently told a Long Island audience that he is going to use a different medium to promote conservative ideas.

O’Reilly intends to scale the operations of his website to reach a wider audience. He plans to launch a streaming video program similar to The O’Reilly Factor. His focus on online media is part of a larger conservative push to reach more people. During his speech, he discussed some of the details of the program:

“It’s basically an experiment to see how many people are going to want this service. That’s coming and will be here before September in a robust form. But I suspect there will be another network maybe merging with us. There will be a network that rises up because the numbers for Fox are going down.”

O’ Reilly also addressed the issue of media bias in relation to President Trump. He also discussed how the same media pushed for his ouster from Fox News. He stated:

“I know the same people who came after me are the same people after him. So I know this is the fraud being perpetuated on you, the American voter. The progressive far left will not accept the election.”

One of the statements O’Reilly made was that there is a perception that Fox News is in decline, which could provide an opportunity for other conservative media to garner an audience. One of the notable aspects of this past election is the rise of online conservative media.

Conservatives have begun using the internet as a vehicle with which to promote their views. Social media outlets like YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook are being used to reach an audience that is disenchanted with the establishment media. Conservative podcasts are also gaining in popularity.

Previously, conservatives could only hear right-of-center ideas by listening to talk radio or watching Fox News. However, this has changed. Now, they have access to many others who share their views.

One of the indicators that conservative efforts to use social media is effective is the resistance from the left. Facebook has unfairly targeted conservative ads. They have even suspended certain users who espouse conservative ideas. Twitter has done the same. YouTube has de-monetized the videos of several people who use the platform to discuss right-wing views. Although the left has attempted to stymie conservatives’ efforts to use social media, they have been largely ineffective so far.

Bill O’Reilly is right to take advantage of this phenomenon. One could look at O’ Reilly’s next venture as a test to see if conservative media can truly prosper online. An online platform will make it nearly impossible for people on the left to stop him from spreading his message. The same holds true for others.

If conservatism is going to remain relevant, we need to make sure that we are using the most effective means to argue our viewpoints. The rise of online conservative outlets is an encouraging sign to those on the right. After the way he was treated at Fox News, it’s certainly exciting to see that The O’Reilly Factor will soon be back on the air.