HORRIFYING: Oregon’s State-Funded Holocaust

The Democrat Party’s war on unborn children has taken a horrifying new turn, and a new law in Oregon shows just how radical they’ve become.

As reported in the Washington Times, Oregon Governor Kate Brown — who signed the “free-for-all” abortion bill into law on Monday — is nothing if not a fanatic, having worked as an abortion lobbyist in the past.

The $10.2 billion Reproductive Health Equity Act uses “feel-good” language to disguise its evil effects. Contrary to the name, this law has nothing to do with health or equity.

The law forces Oregon insurers, public and private, to cover all the costs of abortion for anyone who wants one–regardless of income or legal status. Yes, that means even illegal immigrants will be getting abortions for free.

But, of course, nothing in this world is free. The money has to come from somewhere. Whenever the government offers something for free, that really means taxpayers are footing the bill.

The Reproductive Health Equity Act has already allocated $500,000 of taxpayer money for the abortion costs of illegal immigrants. This flies right in the face of the widely-respected federal Hyde Amendment principle, which posits that public money should not be used to pay for abortions except in the cases of rape, incest, or danger to the mother’s life.

But the law signed by Governor Brown places no restrictions on the funding of abortions. There’s no mention of late-term abortions. There’s no mention of sex-selective abortions. In Oregon, it’s anything goes.

The law gives lip service to religious freedom, but makes it nearly impossible for an insurer to get out of paying for abortions on religious grounds. And even if a Christian manages to escape funding abortion through their health insurance business, they end up paying for it through taxes.

Brown’s abortion law is detestable enough for opening the floodgates to more killing of innocent children. Planned Parenthood and other groups love selling abortion as a practice that gives women “control” over their bodies. They love portraying abortion as having to do with “health,” even though it terminates the health and life of an unborn baby.

Pro-abortion politicians describe abortion as being “pro-choice,” despite the fact that abortion takes away a lifetime of choices from the child and hurts women. But promoting this savagery isn’t what makes the Oregon abortion bill uniquely evil. After all, the state was already one of the biggest abortion havens in America. The Reproductive Health Equity Act is especially terrible because it has made every Oregonian complicit in the sin of abortion.

By using taxpayer money to fund the murder of children, Oregon Democrats have taken “choice” away from millions of people who don’t agree with progressive dogma. It’s outrageous that the government would come down on one side of a highly contentious issue — and force everyone to support it. American law has always recognized the evil of a government that forces people to participate in something they find abhorrent.

Liberals talk about “tolerance” and being “open-minded,” but those concepts seem to disappear entirely as soon as they have the power to force everyone to do what they want. It’s also hypocritical given that as soon as someone disagrees with their perspective, the typical ad hominem attacks come out, such as labeling someone “sexist.” What about the pro-life women? What about the unborn baby girls? This seems to get lost in their thinking entirely.

Let’s pray this law ends up in the Supreme Court, where it has a possibility of being struck down by conservative, constitutionalist justices. Not just for the sake of Christian Oregonians — but for the sake of the unborn children this law endangers.