JUST IN: Oprah Makes Major 2020 Presidential Announcement

Oprah Winfrey is known as the undisputed queen of daytime television. Democrats are begging her to get into politics and run for the presidency in 2020. But is this a good idea?

Apparently, Oprah doesn’t think so. In an interview on CBS This Morning, Oprah was asked by Gayle King if she had decided on who she wants on a prospective ticket for vice president when she runs in 2020. Oprah laughed, then looked over at someone else on the show and said, “She’s lost her mind…” After a short exchange, she looked back at King and exclaimed, “There will be no running of office of any kind for me.”

Oprah spends a majority of her time working at her self-titled television network, where she has served as CEO for more than six years. The network is owned by Harpo Studios and Discovery Communications.


Speculation that Winfrey could run for president has been around since before the last election. It seems many on the Left believe that Oprah would make a great Commander-in-Chief, and somehow overlook her vast wealth while criticizing others for it.

Last month, Winfrey fueled speculation further that she may run for president when she retweeted an article that stated she should run in the 2020 election. As one might imagine, people went wild.

The retweet came from The  New York Post, and her retweet ended up with 4,099 likes and 1,330 retweets. She responded to their article by saying, “Thanks for your VOTE of confidence!”

Despite the Democrats practically begging Winfrey to run, this isn’t the first time she has stated that she won’t run for president. During her interview with The Hollywood Reporter, she confirmed that she would not be running.

The real question the Democrats should be asking is whether or not anyone will take them seriously in the 2020 election. President Trump won, at least in part, because the Democrats were unorganized, careless, and openly attacking the people that may have voted for them.

For example, throwing around words like “white privilege” isn’t going to do anything but push white voters away from the party. Even if Oprah were to run, would those who formerly voted Democrat be willing to forget the hatred spewed by the left-wing extremists?

Oprah announced she will not be running for president in 2020. Do you think she should?

The answer is: not likely. Regardless of whether or not Winfrey decides to run, Democrats have a lot of work to do if they want to be a credible party again — but they seem to have no interest in fixing their party.

Instead of examining the flaws in their party’s platforms and ideology, they continue to embrace the mindset of amazement over Hillary’s loss and devotion to finding reasons to legally impeach President Trump. This mindset is on full display in mainstream media outlets.

If liberals think that same tactic is going to work for “candidate Winfrey,” they should already start preparing for President Trump’s second term!