Here’s One Statue in Seattle That No One on the Left Wants Torn Down

In the aftermath of the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, leftist mobs are taking to the streets to destroy Confederate era statues in locations all across the country.

However, a statue of Communist mass murderer Vladimir Lenin is proudly displayed in the Fremont district of Seattle. It is receiving no attention despite Lenin’s role in forming the Soviet Union, which claimed more lives through political persecution than Nazi Germany, as Independent Journal Review reports.

Reuters reports that more than 60 Confederate statues have been removed since 2015. The movement to dismantle the history of the US Civil War began after white supremacist Dylann Roof murdered nine people in a terror attack against an African-American Methodist Church. This tragedy led to the removal of the Confederate flag from the statehouse in Columbia, South Carolina.

Now, city officials across the country are ramping up efforts to remove Confederate statues in the aftermath of the Charlottesville protests. Fox News reports that Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh (D) conducted a clandestine operation late Monday night, tearing down four statues dedicated to Confederate soldiers and their families.

New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu (D) told the New York Times that his city plans to remove the statues of three Confederate generals from parks across the southern city. Landrieu’s commitment to dismantling the history of his city has been met with widespread resistance as protesters stand around the statues offering their protection.

“I ask you, Mitch, should the pyramids in Egypt be destroyed since they were built entirely from slave labor?” wrote Frank B. Stewart, Jr., a local businessman and community leader. He also questioned the Democrat mayor on the Roman Colosseum. “It was built by slaves, who lived horrible lives under Roman oppression, but it still stands today and we learn so much from seeing it.”

Malcolm Suber, a self-professed Marxist-Leninist professor from Southern University, founded the “Take ’Em Down NOLA Coalition” dedicated to dismantling public monuments to so-called white supremacists. His group was behind the successful effort to rename George Washington Elementary after black surgeon Dr. Charles Richard Drew. Suber now has his sights set on the statue of Washington overlooking the New Orleans Public Library.

Of course, as a self-proclaimed Leninist, Suber would surely have little issue with the Seattle statue dedicated to a mass murderer. George Washington may have owned slaves, but he was integral in the creation of the greatest free nation in the history of the world. Washington created the first society governed by freedom and individual rule. There may be skeletons in his closet, but Washington was a hero without rival.

A statue of Lenin stands in Seattle. Should it be torn down?

Lenin, on the other hand, was a megalomaniac mass murderer who led a revolution against Tsarist Russia. Lenin’s legacy is the creation of the most horrific state in human history, which is responsible for upwards of 40 million deaths. Lenin himself organized the Red Terror, which was a mass uprising against affluent peasants who opposed Lenin’s dream of a communistic dictatorship. The Red Terror claimed the lives of up to 1.5 million Russians.

According to American Thinker, Lenin promoted the Red Terror, writing, “Comrades! The kulak [peasant] uprising in your five districts must be crushed without pity…You must make an example of these people. Hang (I mean hang publicly, so that people see it) at least 100 kulaks, rich b……s, and known bloodsuckers…Do all this so that for miles around people see it all, understand it, tremble, and tell themselves that we are killing the bloodthirsty kulaks and that we will continue to do so.”

The purging of US history must be curtailed so as to preserve it for the education of future generations. Until we secure that birthright for our children, statues of mass murderers should be first on the list for expulsion from the public square.