BREAKING: Officers Are Under Attack – Please Pray

Another day, another racially-charged riot in an American city. This time, several police officers have been injured while trying to keep the city of St. Louis safe.

This weekend, St. Louis has experienced two riots after former St. Louis police officer Jason Stockley was found not guilty of homicide in the 2011 shooting death of drug suspect Anthony Lamar Smith. According to Wach, ten officers have been injured, with one claiming a broken jaw, and another claiming a dislocated shoulder.

So far, twenty people have been arrested after officers wearing riot gear used shields, batons, and pepper spray to try and disperse the unruly crowd.

The furor all stems from a six-year-old case involving former officer Stockley.

Back in 2011, Stockley and Smith engaged in a long and high-speed car chase that ended when Stockley shot Smith five times.

According to him, Stockley felt that his life was in danger, and claimed that he saw Smith pull out a handgun.

Investigators only managed to find Stockley’s DNA on the handgun that was found in Smith’s car.

Assistant Circuit Attorney Robert Steele also tried to show the court that Stockley’s killing of Smith may have been premeditated. In this regard, Steele pointed to the dashcam video showing Stockley saying: [I’m] ”going to kill this (expletive), don’t you know it.”

Stockley has said that although this video looks bad, what he said was said in the heat of the moment.

Protesters promised “civil disobedience” if Stockley was acquitted. They mostly failed to do this, as the protest were quickly became a riot.

Last night, the riots picked up again, this time in the mostly white neighborhood of University City. The case, which involves a white police officer shooting a black man, has further stoked racial tensions in this majority black city.

On Friday, Democratic Mayor Lyda Krewson had two of her home’s windows broken and had red paint splattered on her house by rioters. While she was not home at the time, her family was.

On Saturday night, rioters refused to leave University City and Delmar Loop after police told them to disperse. Many of these protestors wound up in handcuffs.

Regarding the atypical decision to expand the protest into suburban areas and mostly white enclaves in the city, one protester explained that it was part of making white people “uncomfortable.”

I don’t think racism is going to change in America until people get uncomfortable,” said Kayla Reed of the activist group St. Louis Action Council.

Another police officer acquitted in a shooting death. Do you agree with this result?

Other protestors chanted “black lives matter” and at least one protester held up a sign that read “White silence is violence.”

As with Ferguson, Baltimore, and Dallas, America’s cities have become a hotbed of far-Left activism that always seems to target police officers and white people. While the violence in St. Louis has been relatively tame compared to other recent riots, America’s “Brazilification” into warring racial groups does not bode well either for our republic or for our collective safety.

Hopefully all ten of these officers make a speedy recovery, and hopefully St. Louis will return to peace soon.