Officer Escorting Him Crashes — Trump Refuses to Let Air Force One Take Off Until…

The NFL protests have once again sparked discussions of race in America, with the political Left targeting President Trump with allegations of racism. However, Trump’s recent gesture toward a black police officer provides a stirring rebuttal of the accusations.

According to Independent Journal Review, Trump was on the way back to Air Force One while traveling through Indiana when he received word of an Indiana Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD) officer who crashed his motorcycle on the freeway. Trump ordered the delay of his plane’s departure until he could learn of the injured policeman’s condition, and even called him at the hospital to talk with him personally.

Officer Robert Turner was driving on I-70 when he crashed his motorcycle. The resulting accident left him thrown on the side of the highway, bruised, cut, and unable to get up. The cause of the crash remains unknown.

Interestingly, no one stopped to help the injured officer–although passersby took photos for social media. Eventually, an ambulance arrived on the scene and transported Officer Turner to the hospital.

When President Trump became aware of the situation, he immediately stopped his trip, instructing his staff to get in touch with IMPD. The President’s aides contacted Chief Bryan Roach to check on Turner. When they obtained the hospitalized officer’s information, President Trump himself reached out to him.

In the video IMPD posted of the call, Turner can be seen engaging in a friendly, warm conversation with America’s Commander-in-Chief. The officer was clearly touched by the surprise phone call from arguably the most well-known person in the world.

IMPD posted a statement accompanying the video, applauding President Trump’s thoughtfulness. “On behalf of the IMPD, we would like to take an opportunity to thank President Donald J. Trump for his thoughtful act in delaying his departure in Air Force One until he was assured that the officer injured in the motorcade accident was ok,” the post read.

“Calls were made by his staff to Chief Bryan Roach checking on Cycle Officer Turner. President Trump even took the time to speak with Officer Turner after the accident, to check on him. Thank you for your compassion, concern, and leadership Mr. President!”

President Trump has often sided with police officers in public discussions about police brutality allegations. The token of respect for an officer injured in the line of duty coincides with the President’s support of police–regardless of race. Robert Turner is an African-American. Trump’s action indicates he stands with police of all races.

Trump delayed plane departure until he could learn condition of injured policeman. Is this a president who really cares about law enforcement?

Although Left-leaning pundits have turned the NFL national anthem kneeling controversy into an issue of race, President Trump has argued otherwise, as reported by the Daily Caller. The original kneeling by Colin Kaepernick was done as a protest against the perceived unjust killing of black men by white police officers.

But in many of the shooting cases that have gained the most attention, forensic and video evidence has shown that the slain men were violent and armed–not innocent. For instance, hundreds rioted in St. Louis, Missouri, earlier this month after the acquittal of white police officer Jason Stockley, even though he killed Anthony Lamar Smith in self-defense, as reported by Fox News.

Trump has repeatedly emphasized that his agenda is aimed at helping Americans of all races achieve economic success. According to NBC News, more blacks and Hispanics voted for Trump in 2016 than voted for Romney in 2012. That figure speaks for itself.