BOMBSHELL: Obama’s Secret Cash Cow Exposed

Obama displayed a lot of shady behavior during his time in office. One such instance includes a “shakedown” that manipulated the big banks in a disturbing way.

During the Obama administration, the former president put a policy in place that encouraged Wall Street, in effect, to help fund the anti-Trump movement. According to The New York Post, Obama’s shakedown of Big Banks during the mortgage crisis stirred up tons of back-door funding for groups of Democrats. 

There are at least three liberal organizations operating as nonprofits that received billions of dollars in mortgage settlements. All of the settlements were approved by the Justice Department.

Furthermore,  the three groups mentioned were also key to dropping the Obamacare repeal bill. They are currently working towards stopping GOP tax reform, and are openly supporting illegal immigration.

In one case, around $640 million was sent to what some are calling an unconstitutional “slush fund.” The fund consists of government settlements from companies like JPMorgan Chase & CO., and Bank of America Corp., according to sources in Congress.

Some would argue that the worst part about this is that the money was given directly to Liberal groups, an action that would have been approved by the Justice Department and HUD. That is bias, no matter how you slice it.

Records revealed that most of the groups involved are not only leftist, but radical left-wing groups who are asking for settlement cash. The administration approved the transfer, even though the groups were not included in the lawsuits (or were victims at all for that matter).

Julie Smith, Vice President of the Cause of Action Institute, stated, “During the Obama administration, groups committed to ‘revolutionary social change’ sent proposals and met with high-level HUD and Justice Department officials to try to get their pieces of the settlement pie.”

One of the groups is called The National Council of La Raza. The group is a Hispanics-rights organization that took in around $1.5 million from the Obama administration in settlement funds.

The group argues that illegal immigrants should be allowed to enter the country without any resistance. They also went on to say that President Trump is having a “harmful impact” on the Hispanic community. The implication is that Trump wants to take insurance away from 8 million Latinos.

Obama’s Department of Justice approved mortgage settlements to go to Democrat party “activists.” Should the Trump DOJ reverse the decision?

National Urban League is another group involved in this situation. They picked up $1.2 million from the settlement. Their claim is similar to that of La Raza’s — they need to fight the repeal and replacement of Obamacare because they believe that African Americans are going to be most affected by the loss of the crumbling health care bill.

It is obvious that Obama was trying to help his friends out with these settlements. As time goes on, more startling information about the Obama administration’s shady dealings comes to light. Entire books have been written about the crimes committed by the Obama administration, including The People vs. Barack Obama by Ben Shapiro.