WATCH: Obama’s Mayor Defies Trump With Nasty Move

Since his campaign for the presidency, Donald Trump has vowed to uphold immigration laws and deport those who are here illegally, starting with the criminals.

Democrats have largely opposed his efforts and California has even looked into succession. A new liberal joins the ranks of the opposition. Chicago’s Mayor, Rahm Emanuel, intends to sue the Trump administration for threatening to withhold funding from sanctuary cities, according to Breitbart.

As reported in The Boston Globe, Trump has threatened to pull funding from sanctuary cities since his first days in office. Sanctuary cities are those identified as protecting undocumented immigrants from deportation by denying it’s law enforcement agencies the ability to cooperate with federal immigration authorities.

Some examples of how these cities refuse to cooperate include refusing to assist in raids, refusing to detain undocumented immigrants until immigration agents arrive, refusing assistance in deportation efforts, and even failing to notify I.C.E. when a criminal is arrested without legal immigration status.

Trump was very critical of sanctuary cities when he spoke to federal agents in January after revealing his new policies on illegal immigration. “This is a law enforcement agency. But for too long your officers and agents haven’t been allowed to properly do their jobs. That’s all about to change,” the president said.

According to Bloomberg, Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly said sanctuary cities make the efforts of immigration enforcement agents more difficult and dangerous. “Ideally the best place for us to pick up these illegal immigrants is in jails and prison. If they don’t do that we have to go into neighborhoods. We have to go into courthouses. We have to go wherever we can find them and apprehend them,” Kelly said.

Yet Democrats remain defiant. California State Senate President Kevin De Leon (D), criticized the Trump administration’s policies as racist, according to The Los Angeles Times. “It has become abundantly clear that Attorney General Sessions and the Trump administration are basing their law enforcement policies on principles of white supremacy, not American values,” DeLeon proclaimed.

Emanuel’s recent lawsuit further complicates Trump’s efforts to impose the law on undocumented immigrants. In a lengthy statement to CNN, Emanuel claims it was done to protect his city’s “values”.

He vowed that Chicago’s police department wouldn’t cooperate. “I will never allow our police department to become something people don’t see as their partner. And I think the Justice Department is trying to coerce people into making a choice between who they are and their values, and what you want to see in every neighborhood across the city of Chicago. That’s why we’re going to file a case against the Trump Justice Department.”

According to Reuters, Emanuel is vehemently opposed to what he considered the violation of the rights of undocumented residents of the city. “Chicago will not let our police officers become political pawns in a debate. Chicago will not let our residents have their fundamental rights isolated and violated. And Chicago will never relinquish our status as a welcoming city,” he said.

Rahm Emanuel, mayor of crime-ridden Chicago, announced he intends to sue the Trump administration for threatening to withhold funding from sanctuary cities. Do you think these cities should be rewarded for harboring illegal criminals?

While it is fair to say that there are some undocumented immigrants who are a boon to society (i.e. they work hard to provide and produce in our country), there are many who do not. Fox News reported that Los Angeles County gave nearly $1.3 billion to undocumented immigrants and their families alone during 2015 and 2016. The money could have gone to families living in the country lawfully.

Democrats must realize that while undocumented immigrants have inherent rights as human beings, they do not automatically have rights as US citizens because they are not here lawfully. Providing taxpayer-funded welfare to those living here unlawfully is in no one’s best interest, especially when cities refuse to cooperate with federal authorities to report undocumented criminals.