JUST IN: Obama’s Horrifying Anti-Trump Move Just Put Millions of Americans In Danger

Another series of security leaks of classified and top-secret information has been disclosed targeting the Trump administration.

Even worse, these classified leaks are supposedly being orchestrated by former Obama officials and sympathetic journalists that not only are trying to derail the current president, but are putting American lives in danger. (via The Washington Free Beacon)

Many both within and outside the government are outraged at the nerve of Obama and his sympathizers — that they would go to such extremes to protect their political interests and their image.

These leaks have been traced to a number of the former president’s sympathizers, including Ben Rhodes, former National Security Council official, and Colin Kahl, former Vice President Joe Biden’s national security advisor.

Sources are coming out within the administration expressing their disgust over the situation:
“Those responsible for the disastrous foreign national security policy of the Obama administration for the last years — Ben Rhodes, Colin Kahl — they provide the marching orders to a broader group of people that are associated with the broader [Democratic Party] Podesta-Clinton network, and now they’re trying to rewrite history at the cost of American national security,” said the anonymous source.

He continues: “For the last eight years, the priority was always the narrative … It was never the American interests; it was the interests of the Democratic Party and the Obama-Podesta-Clinton conglomerate. This is yet another example of politics trumping national security and the questions is at what point are those who disagree with the results of the November 8 election going to stop endangering U.S. national security for their own political agenda.”

It seems like not even a day passes until another story comes out about the corruption and misconduct of the DNC and its staff, from Loreta Lynch’s misconduct to the Clinton Foundation refusing to mention generous donations from foreign nations. Serving the American people has apparently never been their intention.

Even worse, it seems as if anti-Trump employees that are still infiltrated within the administration are systematically leaking stories to CNN and MSNBC to promote and help fuel the fire of the ongoing Trump-Russia collusion narrative. The exact same narrative that many top officials within CNN have admitted to being false and constituting an unjustified witch hunt against the president. (via Project Veritas)

At the same time, this provides reassurance to many conservatives across our nation, as it seems that the evidence of wrongdoing by Trump officials appears too non-existent to produce charges, and instead must rely on these underhanded tactics to try and deceive the public.

These efforts are not only jeopardizing American security; they are comprising the efforts of foreign nations as well. Recently, there was a leak regarding Israeli operations targeting ISIS terrorists which prompted a rightful wave of anger amongst Isreali officials concerning this intelligence debacle.

These leaks are a serious matter, as these politically motivated careerists are violating the due process rights of Trump’s administration by revealing, and most likely misrepresenting, classified information in an attempt to smear the White House.

For the sake of Trump, his administration, as well as for American citizens both at home and abroad, these leaks must be stopped.