ALERT: Obama Photographed With Famous Racist, Media Burying It

With the Left’s recent focus on destroying images of famed racists, they should be turning their attention to this Obama photograph.

Barack Obama has been photographed with a KKK recruiter and Grand Wizard (a leadership title), Robert Byrd.

Image via The Robert C. Byrd Center

Would a leftist be surprised that one of their political heroes was happy to pose with a white supremacist and his book, seemingly to promote the book?

They shouldn’t be. Byrd’s association with Democrats and the Democrat Party is well evidenced. Byrd was also a mentor to Hillary Clinton, as even the leftist propaganda machine Snopes admits. The man was a long-time Democrat US Senator from West Virginia and has more than 50 buildings and infrastructure projects named after him and his wife.

One has to consider the hypocrisy of this situation. It’s clear that the leftists are looking for American racists to blame their problems on. Recently, a group of leftist protesters dragged down a memorial statue of a Confederate soldier in Durham, North Carolina.

One protester told the Canadian Broadcasting Company, “I feel like this is going to send shockwaves through the country and, hopefully, they can bring down other racist symbols.”

If they truly want to eradicate racism, why hasn’t the Left targeted Robert Byrd, or any of the many buildings named for him and his legacy? The man is a much more recent and potent symbol of racism, especially compared to a Confederate memorial.

This statue in question is meant to honor American veterans and is engraved with the words, “In Memory of the Boys Who Wore The Gray.” Those veterans lost, and no one wants to change this history, only to heal the nation and honor this historical moment, which did result in the massive loss of American lives.

Why target the statue now, if Democrats have “always” cared about eliminating racism? Why was it allowed to stand for over a century? Another protester explained to the CBC, “People feel that with Donald Trump as the leader, racists can be vocal.”

There are many things that can be offensive to one group or another. Should our statues and monuments be destroyed just because they offend someone?

Indeed, the racist leftists have been vocal. When their only argument against the agenda of President Trump is to argue that he and every single one of his supporters are racist, the Left proves they don’t actually have an argument at all. In fact, by ignoring the racism on their own side, leftists prove they are not dedicated to the cause at all. They merely use it as a tool to attack their political opponents.

Instead of targeting further symbols commemorating Confederate soldiers, if leftists truly want to bring down the racists in America, they will have to turn inward toward the Democrats. It’s stunning that the party which can still proudly associate itself with KKK leaders is also the party willing to race-bait, disparage legal immigrants, and cry racism at anyone who disagrees with them.

Until they decide to be honest about themselves, the Left will have to expect the rest of America to groan and roll their eyes while they pull down a statue and kick it, as if they can inflict pain through cast iron statues.