REVEALED: Obama Official Breaks Silence, Exposes Obama’s True Behavior

President Barack Obama waltzed into the White House with smooth, charismatic charm, but now a former White House speechwriter has come forward with a whole new take on the two-term president.

Former Senior Presidential Speechwriter David Litt recently released a book recounting his years under the Obama administration, called Thanks, Obama: My Hopey Changey White House Years. The memoir paints a totally different picture than the man we were shown in front of the cameras.

Litt revealed the reality of the “bro” culture that dominated the Obama team, with writers drinking and smoking and pretending to like college basketball. He says that getting an email tagged with “bro” or “boom!” was among the highest accolades received from the president. In the beginning of his career, Litt recalls referring to the president as POTUS, with the same respect given most U.S. presidents, but in later years, it was common for the staff to just call him “P.”

At 24, the author noted he was among the youngest to ever serve in the position as speechwriter for the White House, but not by much. The Daily Mail reported that the entire staff of Obama’s speechwriters was made up of under-40 white males.

And just how difficult is it to obtain a White House staff position?

Although drug use is usually considered a “deal-breaker” for federal employment, especially at that level, according to Litt he was hired in 2011 without a question about his past recreational drug use. He says he was completely candid during the hiring process and listed at least 30 instances of use while attending college, but had no problem getting the job.

Among the telling tales that David Litt reveals is a 2015 White House Correspondents’ Dinner rehearsal in which Obama used profanity. Litt said the president replied “Nah…the truth is, I’m pretty f***ing good at this” to the suggestion that the crew run through the rehearsal a second time.

He also recalled a time in 2012 when Obama laughed a little too hard at a “d**k joke” one of the speechwriters suggested they include in the president’s closing comments. The joke referenced a line by Joe Biden in which he stated that Obama carried a “big stick” regarding foreign policy.

Litt makes it clear that profanity, racially inappropriate remarks, and dirty jokes were a big part of the speech-writing process, often provoking loud laughter from the president, but the jokes would be cut before being presented.

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The former president, famously self-appointed as the catalyst for hope and change, charmed Americans into believing he could fulfill his campaign promises not once, but twice. However, the question is, was Obama the man he portrayed himself to be to the world, or just a thin façade created by good speechwriters and his acting skills? Litt’s new book may be the first realistic look into Obama’s true character.

While not a perfect person — nobody is — it’s heartening to see President Trump put people around him, even a group of pastors, to help keep him focused and serving the American people. Obama could’ve used some of this accountability during his tenure, wouldn’t you agree?