BREAKING: Obama Issues Horrifying Independence Day Message. He HATES America.

Independence Day is here, and as we are celebrating, Trump is spending time with our military. Almost everyone is happy to be an American. Meanwhile, former President Barack Obama is likely proud of himself for the message that he delivered in Indonesia.

The former president was in Indonesia on a speaking tour, perhaps as a way to still feel relevant. According to The Guardian, Obama opined that some countries have “an aggressive kind of nationalism,” with the underlying message being intended for both Indonesia and the United States.

Obama went on to explain that “some countries” have a problem where they are using their nationalism to spread hate to the rest of the country. As is typical, he conflates the notion that if you love your country — if you think it’s the greatest nation on Earth — then that’s hateful. He could stand to have a little more “nationalism” in his worldview, considering the opportunities he’s had were partly due to living in America.

In contrast to President Trump, who wants to make America his number one priority, Obama spent eight years spending taxpayer dollars and racking up the national debt at an alarming rate. And what do we have to show for it? Well, not much at all, except a broken healthcare system and enemies who stopped fearing us. But that is changing rapidly, showing that Trump’s leadership is what we needed.

Of course, Obama was asked how he feels about President Trump leaving the Paris Climate Accord. He explained that he feels it’s important that many of the changes he made during his presidency are going to continue, presumably the climate deal as well.

At a couple of other points during his speech, Obama seemed to make jabs at President Trump without mentioning him by name, saying there is talk about “fake news” and how social media is powering it. Obviously, this was in reference to Trump and how he’s using the internet to spread his message — something that we suppose Obama doesn’t like very much.

There was also talk of “attacks on institutions” and the ignorance that he believes some people possess. This seemed like a self-righteous move by the former president, possibly looking for a way to bash Trump (and his supporters) without directly saying his name. It appears a lot like false restraint, given just how mercilessly he bashed Trump during election season.

That said, instead of spending too much time worrying about Obama, let’s spend Independence Day celebrating the United States and the freedom we all enjoy. Go talk to a neighbor, or, better yet, invite your neighbor over for a barbecue. Discuss all the things that make America a great nation to live in, no matter the problems we’ve faced in the past or will face in the future.

Most importantly, never forgot that this day is called Independence Day for a reason. On a fateful day — July 4, 1776 — the Declaration of Independence, largely written by Thomas Jefferson, was adopted by the Continental Congress. We become a free nation and a free people on that day, but not without a terrible conflict first. Thank God for those soldiers who fought for us then, and for all those who have defended America since then. That’s what today is all about.