BREAKING: Obama Implicated In Massive BLM Criminal Investigation

Former President Barack Obama has been accused of a number of heinous crimes during his time as president. Now, you can add another massive criminal investigation to the list with which he is associated.

Representative Rob Bishop (R-UT) has accused the former Obama administration of purposely disregarding the illegal and immoral actions of an official who works for the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). The official in question is Dan Love, who was fired from his position with BLM on Friday, according to The Daily Caller.

Bishop, who sits on the chair of the House Committee on Natural Resources, expressed his outrage. “The previous administration turned a blind eye to corruption and promoted a culture of mismanagement at the Department of the Interior,” Bishop stated in an official press release.

He went on to say that he is glad that the interior is “taking a strong stand” and “reasserting the basic principle that there are consequences,” in regards to federal agents who do not follow the law.

At the end of the statement he made himself clear, “‘Love’s exit is welcome.” He clarified even further that he does not believe that corruption should rear its ugly head in any federal agency.

Love’s crimes are no laughing matter either. He used his position at BLM to treat his friends and family in multiple ways and at multiple events. It’s a serious problem when one uses their government position to help friends and family.

The now-fired Love used resources to get tickets and passes for his family at the 2015 Burning Man event. He also used resources directly from BLM to escort his family wherever they needed to go.

Perhaps even worse, he used his position to get a close friend hired on as a Special Agent, as stated in a report that came out in January. All of these are serious offenses and should have resulted in termination.

Love also used his position to get his hands on Moqui Marbles, which are special rocks that were being held for evidence. He took them out of the evidence stock and handed them out to friends and family. The reason why is not exactly clear.

He also pulled a move out of Hillary Clinton’s playbook and had a subordinate delete numerous emails when it became clear that he was under investigation. This news came after an August report.

BLM official exposed for corruption. Do we need to examine all agencies for waste and abuse?

Bishop later said, “After numerous reports substantiating serious allegations of misconduct including the destruction of federal records, defiance of congressional document requests and misuse of ancient artifacts under investigation as office decor, I expect Interior to hold Dan Love accountable. The people of Utah and Nevada — and the American taxpayers — deserve better.”

It is obvious that what happened with Love was near and dear to Bishop’s heart. No one wants to see corruption in the place that they work, including government.

The sad truth is many federal agents become “power motivated” and fall into the pitfall of doing “special favors.” Now that Love is gone, it would be a good idea to run a full check on the BLM to squeeze out any more corruption that may be taking place.