BREAKING: Obama & Hillary Caught Plotting Sick Anti-Trump Move

Just when President Trump needs the support of the American people the most, former Democrats have joined forces to undermine him and his agenda.

The 2018 campaign trail will find two deep-pocketed and well-connected veterans on it: Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, according to the Hill.

Barack Obama’s aides have told reporters that the former president plans to play an active role in politics. Hillary Clinton also has many options to help push the Democrat cause. The two powerful elites will join the trail in an attempt to sway the midterm elections, with the goal of getting Democrats into power in the House.

They will, no doubt, also be using their combined connections with rich donors to increase funding for various Democrat contests. It is unclear right now which candidates the two will be focusing on, but there’s no doubt those candidates will have extremely well-funded runs.

So, prepare yourself for the same old liberal lines about Obama and Clinton that we should have been long rid of by now. For example, Chris Lehane, Democratic strategist has already come out to re-assert that Obama, “left office without scandal and with high approval ratings.”

Nothing could be further from the truth, of course. If just refusing to acknowledge your scandals could make them go away, would any former president have left with a scandal?

But no one, even within the party, seems to be calling Obama out on this. Instead, they are even allowing him to direct the party. DNC Chairman Tom Perez has been to Obama’s office to get his suggestions. Other lawmakers have been to the office as well.

For her part, Hillary Clinton is doing her best to assert a narrative about her loss so she can recover in her supporter’s eyes. Her upcoming book, “What Happened” will be released this fall, giving her supporters in the media plenty of time to digest her chosen narrative and to spit it back out at us during the midterms.

No doubt we will all be treated to liberal monologues about how the country is sexist and racist, but we can redeem ourselves if only we put some Democrats in office. By now, the whole country sees through such ridiculous accusations and pleas.

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama plan to be actively involved on the 2018 campaign trail. Are you tired of hearing their rhetoric and think they should fade into history?

Yet, the Democrats haven’t changed their tactics. You’d think they would decide to focus on policy over celebrity. If they would admit their mistakes, get in touch with what Americans really want, and present a new plan for the country, they might actually save some face at the midterms.

Instead, they insist on relying on their dried-up politicians, despite the fact that the last election was a sound rejection of both of them, their policies, and their party in general. By sticking with their old politicians, their old policies, and their old bullying tactics, the Democrats are ensuring they lose even more ground in the midterms.

It sounds like the only thing that will get through to these elitists is another dramatic loss at the polls. We can hope and pray it will, anyway.