BREAKING: 2 Obama ‘Dreamers’ Caught In Sick Crime

Though many have depicted “Dreamers” as young children who committed no crime, but are simply caught in poor circumstances their parents led them to, this latest incident may shift that perception.

Two “Dreamers”–or illegal immigrants under the purview of the Obama-era DACA amnesty–were caught smuggling other illegal immigrants into the country, according to The Washington Times.

Authorities announced Tuesday that, as a result of two separate incidents in Texas, the young illegals were arrested.

Customs & Border Protection broke up the first smuggling attempt on October 4th. Authorities had stopped one of the Dreamers driving a car on Interstate 35. They discovered two other illegal immigrants, not Dreamers and from Brazil, in the trunk.

The Dreamer was originally from Guatemala and had originally been granted amnesty through DACA in 2016. The other Dreamer, also a juvenile, was caught by border officials only three days later. He had one illegal immigrant from Mexico in his trunk.

The two Dreamers’ names were not released. The illegal immigrants that they were trying to smuggle will be processed for deportation, according to Customs & Border Protection.

These two incidents are likely to cause more strife around an already contentious issue.While some Democrats and Republicans have called for an acceptance of the Dreamer’s presence and a pathway to citizenship for them, others disagree strongly.

President Trump explained that the executive action then-President Obama signed to create DACA would likely be struck down in the courts. He originally offered Congress six months to create a law to address the situation. But, the Trump administration also made it clear that it would not support full citizenship. Instead, Trump would approve of strong enforcement measures.

He has since offered the Democrats a deal, wherein DACA recipients would have a pathway to citizenship, if the wall was built, according to Breitbart.

“We need a wall in this country,” Trump said at a joint press conference with Mitch McConnell (R-KY). “You know it, I know it, everybody knows it,” he said.

Previous attempts to negotiate this deal caused a backlash for Democrats, including House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), who was confronted by protesters on September 18, according to The Washington Post.

The protesters called her a “liar” and chanted, “we are not your bargaining chip.”

Pelosi had to leave the conference and still views her party as the defenders of illegal immigrants. “The Democrats are the ones who stopped their assault on sanctuary cities, stopped the wall, the increased deportations in our last bill that was at the end of April, and we are determined to get Republican votes to pass the clean DREAM Act,” she said.

Two Obama Dreamers were caught bringing more illegal immigrants across the border. Do you think DACA should be stopped?

“Is it possible to pass a bill without some border security?” Pelosi asked. “Well, we’ll have to see. We didn’t agree to anything in that regard, except to listen and something that deals with technology or something like that – but nothing like a wall.”

The Dreamers who shouted, “all of us or none of us,” seem to express the same disregard for US law that the two Dreamers caught smuggling people into Texas feel. One has to wonder why they should be rewarded with citizenship if they are unwilling to respect our laws in the first place.