ALERT: Obama Caught In Violent Pro-Nazi Scandal

Torch-wielding protesters descended on Emancipation Park in Charlottesville, Virginia to protest the removal of a statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee. President Trump immediately condemned the “hatred, bigotry and violence” displayed by those fighting in the park.

The mainstream media’s first reaction to President Trump was critical. They denounced the president for not naming white supremacists specifically while offering his condemnation of bigotry. When President Trump clarified his statements later, he was criticized for waiting too long. The mainstream media’s reaction, however, is utterly partisan and one-sided. The press is accusing President Trump of racism for not condemning white supremacists quickly enough, yet former President Obama received no criticism for his financial and military support of a self-described neo-Nazi paramilitary group in Ukraine, as described by The Guardian.

Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks, was one of the first to notice the coincidence between the neo-Nazi protestors in Charlottesville, Virginia, and Ukraine. Assange tweeted a picture revealing that both neo-Nazi groups marched in the streets with tiki torches to spread fear.

One major difference, however, is that President Trump completely condemned the neo-Nazis in Virginia, while former President Obama offered millions in funding and military support to the neo-Nazis in Ukraine.

The Azov fighters are a neo-Nazi paramilitary group. Members fly a flag modeled after the Nazi swastika. The battalion formed during the 2014 unrest in Ukraine, after pro-Russian forces staged demonstrations in an attempt to destabilize the region.

The Azov fighters are Ukrainian nationalists, and they rose up in opposition to the pro-Russian forces. By the end of 2014, the Azov battalion was incorporated in the Ukrainian National Guard.

Former President Obama was offering billions in support to the Ukrainian government and racist regiments such as the Azov battalion. The funding of neo-Nazi groups was so troubling, a Democrat congressman from Michigan was forced to step in and block Obama’s action.

Representative John Conyers (D-MI) introduced and passed a piece of legislation blocking Obama from funding neo-Nazi groups. “If there’s one simple lesson we can take away from US involvement in conflicts overseas, it’s this: Beware of unintended consequences. As was made vividly clear with U.S. involvement in Afghanistan during the Soviet invasion decades ago, overzealous military assistance or the hyper-weaponization of conflicts can have destabilizing consequences and ultimately undercut our own national interests,” Rep. Conyers told Congress.

However, reporters for The Daily Beast discovered that the Azov battalion was receiving support from former President Obama, even after congress specifically blocked him from doing so.

President Trump is accused of racism, yet President Obama received no criticism for his financial and military support of a self-described neo-Nazi paramilitary group in Ukraine. Did you know about this hypocrisy?

Sgt. Ivan Kharkov told reporters that his Azov battalion received training from the U.S. military, and they were still being supported by U.S. medics and engineers in 2015 — months after Conyers’ bill passed congress.

Former President Obama offered financial and military support to a neo-Nazi group in Ukraine even after congress specifically blocked support for this group.

President Trump, on the other hand, immediately condemned bigotry and violence, and later condemned white supremacy and neo-Nazism. However, in the mind of the incredibly biased mainstream media, President Trump is a racist, and Obama is the race savior.