BREAKING: Obama Caught In Anti-Trump Plot

President Trump has been working tirelessly to fix and tweak the mistakes made by the previous administration. Former President Obama is now attempting to fight back in a horrendous plot against Trump.

The latest Obama-era plan that President Trump is looking to squash is the Iran Nuclear Deal. The aides from the previous administration are still fighting for Obama, despite his presidency coming to an end. Politico reports that the former aides are contacting lawmakers, having meetings, and working with the media to prevent the nuclear deal from going South. What’s worse is that Obama is “well aware of their efforts.”

President Trump has spoken against the deal prior to his election. He has gone as far as to call it the “worst deal ever,” and he may not be far from the truth, from a political standpoint.

While there have been chances to bring the deal to a close before this, many Democrat lawmakers feel that Trump is going to try to back out this fall. This is allegedly why the Obama aides are getting involved — this “deep state” behavior is nothing new.

The deal was initially negotiated by the US, Britain, France, China, Germany, and Russia in July of 2015. Many experts believe that Iran has broken the agreement.

One person who has made the claim that Iran disregarded the deal is Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. According to Fox News, Tillerson said that Iran was “clearly in defiance” of their obligations, which includes a limit on weapons testing and enrichment of uranium.

Despite Iran’s testing of ballistic missiles and support of the Syrian government, Obama’s aides are still trying to work in secret as if Obama is still, somehow, the president. Everyone involved with trying to stop Trump’s actions are claiming they are doing so to stop what they consider to be an inevitable war.

The question then comes up — why are the former president’s aides still actively working on current day foreign policy? This is now the job of President Trump and the people working on his behalf.

The Democrat Party are acting as if President Trump doesn’t exist. They honestly believe that they’re doing the “right thing,” and they believe they have the right to override the president’s decisions, regardless of whether or not he wants to end the deal.

Obama former aides scrambling to prevent the Iran deal from going South. Should Trump nullify Obama’s Iran deal?

One of Obama’s top advisors, Rob Malley, said that the nuclear deal is “something concrete that is a target, something that a lot of us feel was a major achievement and strongly disagree with the critics about.”

If the Democrat party wants to disagree and debate the president’s decision, that is fine — but they are going far beyond that. The idea that they’re working with the media to tweak official narratives is just as immoral as it is disrespectful.

The simple truth is that Obama is not the president anymore. His aides should not be making these kinds of decisions in our government. Yet, they are openly admitting to their treasonous behavior. We don’t know if President Trump is going to keep the deal, kill it, or even pass it off to Congress to vote on. Time will tell, and you can bet that, regardless of the outcome, Obama and his aides are going to try and stop the president at every turn.