BREAKING: Major Obama Ally Caught Helping N. Korea

An Obama-sympathetic government has been caught trying to smuggle a startling shipment into their government from the rogue nation of North Korea.

The Egyptian government bought a weapons shipment from the North Korean government, as a ship flying Cambodian colors was intercepted off the Suez Canal, according to the Washington Post.

The details of the affair read like the plot for an espionage thriller. A secret message picked up by intelligence agencies warned of a bulk freighter named Jie Shun which was flying Cambodian colors, but in reality, originated in North Korea, along with a North Korean crew.

As customs agents seized the vessel in Egyptian waters, what they found beneath bins of iron ore was a cache of more than 30,000 rocket-propelled grenades – the largest seizure of ammunition in the history of sanctions against the rogue nation.

After a UN investigation was conducted concerning the source of the buyer, it was uncovered that Egyptian business executives ordered millions of dollars worth of ammunition while trying to keep the transaction hidden.

It’s an especially illuminating seizure, as it provides insight into the hidden global arms trade that Kim Jong-un is relying on to keep his nation financially afloat. The fact that these Egyptians have worked with the rogue nation in the past leads many experts to speculate on how deep this arms-dealing ring extends.

“Egypt will continue to abide by all Security Council resolutions and will always be in conformity with these resolutions as they restrain military purchases from North Korea,” read an official statement by the Egyptian Embassy.

In contrast to this message, however, US officials have confirmed that the Egyptian authorities only took action when intelligence agencies messaged appropriate authorities through diplomatic channels – a move that forced the Egyptians to take action.

In fact, one anonymous expert said that the Jie Shun seizure is only one of many in a series of covert deals that led the Trump administration to freeze $300 million meant for Egyptian military aid over the summer.

It’s a decision that stands in contrast to how the Obama administration handled foreign policy with the Egyptian government. According to Breitbart, the previous administration gave $1.5 billion to Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood. They also ordered the US Customs & Border Patrol to not conduct a secondary inspection of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom & Justice Party delegation while they were traveling to the US, a move that “broke with normal procedures,” according to one expert.

Egypt is buying guns from North Korea. Is Trump correct on his North Korean policy?

Further details emerged concerning the munitions which left little doubt about where the rockets were destined to end up. With many of the rounds fitted with removable, nonlethal warheads used in military training, such quantities of ammunition suggest that the buyer had a sizable military force of many thousands. At this point, all clues seem to point to the Egyptian military.

Most convicting, each crate had been stenciled with the name of an Egyptian company, whose name was not revealed to the public.

President Trump has already called for all countries to “stop providing economic or military benefits to North Korea.” Although many of the country’s allies, such as China, have complied with this request, it appears that many are still doing so behind the scenes.