WATCH: NYT Reporter Drops Hillary Collusion Bombshell

Recently, a lot of information has emerged about former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, including new details regarding her mentality surrounding the presidential election that goes to show just how out of touch with reality she really was.

In fact, it turns out she thought that it was the media’s job to get her elected, and expected the news outlets to wholeheartedly support and collude with her to make sure she received only positive media coverage, according to Daily Caller.

New York Times reporter Amy Chozick appeared on CNN saying that Hillary Clinton’s new book, What Happened — which recounted her perspective on why she lost the 2016 presidential election — described the media as having the responsibility of getting Clinton elected to the presidency.

Chozick said, “I agree with Hillary Clinton that for an industry that thrives on investigation we’re bad at scrutinizing ourselves, and there could be more soul searching about our role in 2016. But the way she presented in the book is a little like it was our job to get Hillary Clinton elected.”

She continued, revealing that “our job was to inform voters about their choices and how those choices would impact their lives, whether it was about Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump or any other candidate.”

These remarks, appearing on CNN of all places, are a noticeable revelation about the former candidate’s mentality surrounding the election. In her book, she went so far as to blame mainstream news outlets for not covering her enough. In particular, she blamed the New York Times for their coverage regarding the e-mail scandal.

It goes to show just how out of touch she is. In truth, Donald Trump received much worse media scrutiny throughout his entire election dating as far back as the Republican primaries, where outlets would dote on his every word, often spinning his statements and misrepresenting them to the public.

A new Harvard study revealed in May showed that CNN and NBC had an overall 93 percent negative coverage of Trump. When including most of the mainstream outlets including CBS, Fox News, CNN, and several others, his coverage was still around 80 percent negative.

“Negative stories about Trump outpaced positive ones by 13-to-1 on the two networks,” noted the study, referring to CNN and NBC, the most anti-Trump networks. It also mentioned that during his presidency, “Trump’s coverage during his first 100 days set a new standard for negativity.”

This is starkly in contrast with the previous administration, in which the same study showed that Barack Obama only received 41 percent negative coverage throughout his presidency. The facts, irrespective of anyone’s opinion, show a drastic media bias against Trump.

Hillary Clinton’s new book makes it clear that she expected to win the election with little trouble because the media was on her side. Do you believe the mainstream media actively pushed Hillary Clinton’s candidacy?

Regardless, it goes to show just how twisted Clinton’s mentality was that she felt it was justified for the media to blatantly ignore her wrongdoings or mistakes, and simply provide positive coverage of her for the public.

Never once did it occur to her that perhaps such a collusion would be antithetical to free speech, journalistic integrity, and the foundation of what this Republic is built upon.