BOOM: Ted Nugent Drops Bombshell Revelation About N. Korea Nukes

Legendary rock star Ted Nugent has always been known for his outspoken opinions on politics. This is especially true now that President Trump is in office. His revelation on North Korea is going to have liberals sitting on the ends of their seat.

Nugent explained while on Newsmax TV that he thinks that the current crisis regarding North Korea can be explained simply. He believes that the reason we are in this position is due to the “irresponsible” previous administrations. “We tried to be inclusive to a fault, we tried to be tolerant to a death wish,” Nugent said. 

Now, North Korea is doing what they have always done — but we are not backing down.

“This is a manifestation of our government losing their soul many years ago in allowing this to get to this point,” Nugent exclaimed Wednesday night. This point rang true with many people watching the program.

He said, “The irresponsibility that has just stunk with corruption, the abuse of power, the scamming, the lying by so many in our government and the media that misrepresents everything.” In this sense, he seems to be referring more to the Obama administration’s lax tone on North Korea.

The rocker explained that the only way to stop intimidation, specifically in situations like this, is by showing so much “might” that bullies change their minds. In other words, America’s lack of action in the face of intimidation allowed North Korea get away with too much for too long.

Nugent reasons that now America must deal with the fallout from being too soft on a country that obviously has their heart set on destruction. Trump’s job is to make sure that the people destroyed are the Americans he swore to protect. Somehow–in some circles–that is frowned upon.

Considering the toxic threats coming from North Korea, Nugent certainly has a point. Events have unfolded in a way that has left many people uncomfortable.

North Korea has been testing missiles the past couple of months, according to CNN. The newest development finds them proclaiming that they had developed a nuclear weapon and could potentially use it on the U.S. mainland.

As a result, Trump promised that if they were to attack us they, “Will be met with the fire and fury like the world has never seen,” according to Fox News. As Nugent points out, this is exactly the kind of message that North Korea needs to hear if they will ever be moved to back down.

They don’t want to hear talks of “peace,” for that would only make us appear weak. President Obama tried this approach, and it is what ultimately helped land America in this position.

Nugent said, “I consider myself Mother Theresa with a Glock. Our government should have sent that message to the world: don’t tread on me.”

President Trump and Defense Secretary James “Mad Dog” Mattis will not sit by and let Kim Jong-un’s threats continue. They will lash out at North Korea because threats of a nuclear attack are about as serious as a threat can get.