CONFIRMED: Now We Know How Obama Wiretapped Trump

President Trump has long claimed that Trump Tower was wiretapped leading up the 2016 election. Now, everything is finally coming to light, and Liberals cannot be happy.

As it turns out, Trump was right all along. According to a CNN report, investigators did wiretap Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort under “secret court orders.” The probe came before and after the election, and revealed conversations with Manafort during the time he was talking to President Trump regularly. This seems to be an attempt by the fake news organization to reignite the conversation about Russia collusion that died out over the past month or so.

After CNN mentioned the probe, they revealed that Manafort allegedly encouraged the Russians to help with the campaign, then the very next sentence stated that, “Two of these sources, however, cautioned that the evidence is not conclusive.”

In other words, they have no idea whether or not there is any evidence that Trump worked with Russia. Furthermore, the evidence that they claim to have isn’t even conclusive.

If they actually had any evidence of collusion, they would be announcing it front and center. Democrats have not been shy about making bold claims against Trump without evidence.

It begs to reason if they picked up anything at all during their wiretapping of Manafort. If they had, they would have come forward right away and presented their “evidence.” Clearly, their evidence is not as solid as they initially claimed.

The information was passed on to Robert Mueller, the lead of the special counsel in the Russian hacking “investigation.” At this point, Mueller has not done anything with this information, or even spoken about it.

The probe was initially authorized by the same court that handles the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. Manafort was being watched by the FBI going back as far as 2014, focusing on work done by a group of consulting firms.

Then, one of the sources confirmed that the surveillance was discontinued due to “lack of evidence,” according to the piece written by CNN. It seems as if the point of their article was to get everyone stirred up, then subtly admit that the investigation was discontinued because they couldn’t find anything.

A second warrant was issued by the FBI, and this was an attempt to prove that the Russians colluded with Manafort. The problem here is there was absolutely no evidence of this issue to cite. In order for a warrant to be issued, there has to be a cause, and they can’t seem to explain a cause other than they thought there was collusion.

The question isn’t what they thought was going on; the question is why they thought this way. There is no official start date listed on the second, evidenceless warrant. It eventually escalated to the FBI searching a storage facility that was owned by Manafort.

In light of all of this happening, the illegal wiretapping, and then searching Manafort’s belongings, they can’t present a single piece of evidence to convince everyone that this is worth looking into. Regardless of political affiliation one may have, something seems fishy about this investigation, and this piece by CNN — there is no denying that.