ALERT: North Korea Opens Fire

The communist regime of North Korea continues to rattle its sabers at the United States. Once again, Kim Jong-un has decided to launch another missile strike.

Earlier today, North Korea test-fired a missile over the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido. The day before, a state-run radio station warned Japan that it would be “sunken into the sea” with a nuclear bomb. The same radio address warned the United States that North Korea will beat it to death like a “rabid dog.”

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson responded to this latest provocation by warning North Korea that the new UN sanctions represent “the floor, not the ceiling.”

China and Russia, on the other hand, have tacitly taken the side of North Korea on the issue. China, which is Pyongyang’s oldest and strongest ally, accused the US of “shirking” its global responsibility. Russia warned America against “aggressive” rhetoric.

Both of these nations have long traded with North Korea, and both continue to warn the US that North Korea’s provocations will not stop unless the US removes its troops from the Korean Peninsula and stops holding war exercises with its ally in Seoul.

The most recent test missile reportedly reached 770km (478 miles) in altitude and reached a speed of 3,700km. The missile went past the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido before landing in the sea.

South Korea responded to this missile test by firing two ballistic missiles into the sea near its border with the North.

As always, North Korea’s latest round of missile testing is more about a show of force and will than a direct threat of war. According to Michael Malice, a conservative commentator and former citizen of the Soviet Union who visited North Korea, the Kim regime’s goal is not war with the US or even war with South Korea.

Malice told Fox News, “Of course, because they [North Korea] want to make the claim in the press that ‘oh, we’re crazy, we welcome an attack, you know, bring it on.’ But meanwhile if you go there and you read their literature, they know full well that they’re not capable of surviving an attack, that it would be devastating for North Korea.”

North Korea fires another missile. Will there be war in North Korea?

“They are not crazy in the slightest, they are pure evil and as I described in my book this has been a decades-long process to maintain their hold on power. They’ve outlasted everyone except for Cuba, so clearly if they’re irrational they’re doing something wrong about being irrational because they’re logical,” Malice added.

Many commentators have recognized that North Korea’s perverse logic extends to its nuclear capabilities. After seeing what happened once other dictators gave up their nukes or WMDs (Libya, Iraq, Syria), the North recognizes that nuclear weapons are a deterrent against regime change. By having nuclear weapons, the Kim dynasty guarantees its survival for the foreseeable future.

After all, if North Korea really wanted war, their artillery battery could easily wipe Seoul off of the map. While President Trump should respond to North Korea’s overtures with forceful condemnations and a buildup of American power, he should not be fooled into starting what could be a very, very bloody conflict.