Nobody Is Talking About the Border Murders Biden Is Paying For – Here’s the Evidence

The Biden administration is facilitating the slaughter of preborn children crossing the southern border thanks to partisan, pro-abortion guidance from the Department of Health and Human Services.

Unborn children aren’t the only potential victims of this guidance, however.

By providing such easy access to these procedures, Biden’s HHS has created a system that can be easily exploited to facilitate the forced abortions of young, pregnant, illegal immigrant girls.

The Policy

The abortion guidance in question was first issued in October 2021 by the Office of Refugee Resettlement, a department of HHS. In response to a Texas abortion law, the policy directed ORR officials to transport “unaccompanied children … who are pregnant and seeking an abortion,” to states where they can legally access such a procedure.

Then, the Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe v. Wade in late June prompted further action from Biden officials. Anonymous sources within the administration told Reuters they, in response to the court’s decision, were developing new methods for providing abortion access to undocumented women and girls.

According to the Guttmacher Institute, sexual abuse is strongly associated with adolescent pregnancy, which suggests many of the pregnant girls qualifying for HHS abortion assistance may have been victimized.

In addition, traffickers are known to force their victims to undergo abortions. According to a 2014 analysis, trafficking victims regularly report that their captors forced them to undergo abortions. One study found that over half the participants were forced to abort their children.

Those facts, coupled with massive increases in child trafficking under Biden’s leadership and the rampant lack of vetting at both the border and abortion clinics, have created an environment where pregnant girls could be regularly pressured, or even forced, to abort their children.

“Providing abortions for these minor migrant children who are being trafficked, that’s one way to eliminate the evidence of crime,” Live Action director of government affairs Noah Brandt said.


“So, of course, the consequence of the Biden administration’s action here is going to be what they’ve intended for it to be. It will be more abortions for migrant children and how are migrant children getting pregnant? It’s because they’re being trafficked.”

Brandt believes this forced abortion loophole could incentivize even more trafficking across the border which, according to former DHS officials, is on the uptick thanks to the massive influx in border crossings since President Biden took office.

Trafficking and Sexual Abuse at the Southern Border

Jessica Vaughan, the director of policy studios at the Center for Immigration Studies, confirmed that the number of trafficking cases at the border is on the rise.

“One sheriff in Texas, whose county is a rural one but it’s on the smuggling corridor between South Texas and Houston, told me that a couple of years ago his agency saw just a couple of … trafficking cases every year,” Vaughan said.

“Last year, they had 77.”

The fact that many young children coming over are being abused isn’t shocking to Vaughan, given the statistics. According to her, around 30 to 60 percent of all female migrants are sexually assaulted.

According to a Feb. 15 report from The Arizona Republic, that number is possibly as high as 70 percent.

Additionally, the report found that the percentage of females crossing the border is growing at an accelerated rate. In 2011, only 13 percent of migrants crossing the border were female. As of 2019, that number was 35 percent and growing.

Moreover, when it comes to trafficking, unaccompanied minors are particularly at risk. Teresa Ulloa Ziaurriz, director of the Latin American branch of the Coalition Against Trafficking International, told the New York Post that an estimated 60 percent of Latin American children who set out to cross the border unaccompanied “have [been] caught by the cartels and are being abused in child pornography or for drug trafficking.”

Given the fact that, in Fiscal Year 2022, U.S. Customs and Border Protections encountered a total of 2,766,582 migrants and 152,880 unaccompanied children, it’s quite possible that hundreds of thousands of women crossing over are being sexually abused and tens of thousands of unaccompanied minors are subjected to child pornography and other forms of trafficking.

According to an analysis by women’s advocate Patrina Mosley, pimps and sex traffickers utilize forced abortion to maximize profits. A pregnant woman can’t work and, therefore, can’t make her traffickers any money.

“In a recent study of women’s abortion experiences, 58.3 percent reported aborting to make others happy, and 73.8 percent said their decision to abort was not free from outside pressure,” Mosley wrote.

“Homicide due to intimate partner violence is a leading cause of death during pregnancy. Imagine how much greater the coercive pressure to abort is on women who are being sexually exploited for profit.”

Lack of Vetting at the Border and Abortion Clinics

If agents within HHS and health care providers at abortion clinics enforce proper vetting procedures, the likelihood of traffickers and abusers exploiting the HHS abortion policy would be minimal.

Unfortunately, both groups have repeatedly failed at sussing out traffickers and trafficking victims.

For instance, thanks to a number of undercover investigations, there are several on-the-record examples of Planned Parenthood clinics and personnel skirting mandatory reporting laws by failing to report examples of rape, sexual abuse and trafficking.

A 2021 report from the Center For Immigration Studies found that vetting at the border under President Biden’s leadership isn’t much better. According to the report, the government is “cutting corners” while vetting the sponsors of unaccompanied minors.

“HHS is dealing with a lot of children, and the Biden administration is under a lot of political pressure to get those children out of its custody as quickly as possible,” the report noted.

“That said (and putting aside the fact that quick releases of children are just going to encourage more relatives to entrust more children to more criminals), failing to fully vet sponsors and all adult household members before UACs are placed is foolhardy, and creates a huge vulnerability for those children.”

And, when those unvetted children happen to be pregnant, Biden officials have prioritized ensuring their access to abortions.

No Solutions on the Horizon

“It’s a very sad statement that the Biden administration’s response to the problem of sexual assault on migrant girls is to offer them abortions, rather than to change their policies, so that people do not take this risk,” Vaughan told The Western Journal.

“The Biden administration is trying to deal with a symptom of the problem.”

Vaughan isn’t sure if Biden’s abortion policy is being used to facilitate forced abortions. What she did confirm, however, is the fact that traffickers are well-informed when it comes to America’s immigration law.

“I’m sure they know about [the HHS abortion guidance], maybe they are telling this to the parents of the girls or even to the girls themselves,” Vaughan said.

Either way, unless the Biden administration issues concrete policies aimed at curbing the number of illegal crossings at the southern border, the trafficking and abuse of women will likely continue at a breakneck pace.

“I’ve met survivors of human trafficking. And many of them are quite strong, and they’re able to rise above their experiences,” Vaughan said.

“But they don’t ever fully recover from it.”

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.