ALERT: NFL Teams Makes Shock Kaepernick Announcement, What’s Your Response?

Rumors have been floating around that the Baltimore Ravens would sign Colin Kaepernick following Joe Flacco’s back injury last week. Head coach John Harbaugh brought up the possibility recently, and it appears we finally have our answer.

Kaepernick, who first gained infamy for refusing to stand up during the singing of the U.S. national anthem to protest what he felt was systematic racism, ended up getting passed by the Ravens who chose to sign Arena League quarterback David Olson instead.  (via Sports Illustrated)

The Ravens entered the market for backup quarterbacks after Joe Flacco hurt his back last week, and by early Friday morning they ended signing David Olson, formerly of the Kansas City Phantoms. Although not too much is known about Olson, his history includes playing college football at Stanford and for the last couple of years he has been alternating between desk jobs and quarterbacking in the Champions Indoor Football League.

Rumors circulated that the Ravens might take on Colin Kaepernick. Ever since he refused to stand for the national anthem, he has not been signed by an NFL team after opting out of his previous contract.

Although there is the possibility of Kaepernick still coming on board with the Ravens, that seems quite unlikely. “We’ll just see how it plays out,” said John Harbaugh on Friday. “It has to do with our need. Joe’s day to day. Do we really need to make that move or not? That’s a decision that really has to be made. I think there’s a lot of layers to it, just from a football standpoint, and I’ll focus on the football part of that. If there’s other layers, then I think that’s taken into consideration at the appropriate level.” (via NFL)

Colin Kaepernick’s protesting of the national anthem was one of the top reasons that NFL fans have been watching fewer games, according to a survey done by J.D. Power. Twenty-six percent of those surveyed said the reason they didn’t support the NFL as much was due to the anti-America focus of the protests.

Although a strong player, the political baggage that comes along with signing Kaepernick could potentially hurt the brand of any team that brings him aboard.

Colin Kaepernick protested racism by not standing during the national anthem at a football game. Do you think sporting events are an appropriate place to protest?

Joe Flacco added that he would like to see Kaepernick get another chance in the NFL. “I’d like to see Colin get back in and at some point get another shot. I wouldn’t want that to be here, I don’t want him to get another shot here, but yeah, he can come here and have some fun. I think it would be a good spot for him.” (via NFL)

The team said that they had direct talks with Kaepernick, and had reached out to Ray Lewis, veteran players, as well as fans and sponsors to evaluate the potential reaction to signing Kaepernick. “We want to get a sense of what the attitude is out there and how Colin would handle it if he were to come, how he’d handle it and how that would change people’s views.” (via NFL)

As Kaepernick continues to search for a team that will take him on, he needs to come to terms with the fact that his actions will indeed have consequences for his career.