ALERT: NFL Team Kneels For Anthem, Fans Have Shock Response

The National Football League has decided to engage in the type of social justice warrior politics that has helped ESPN lose millions of subscribers and viewers. One team’s fans decided to let their protesting players exactly how they feel about kneeling for the national anthem.

According to the Boston Herald, when around 20 New England Patriots players decided to protest the national anthem and President Donald Trump, thousands of fans in Foxboro booed them and chanted “Stand Up!” 

Patriots player Devin McCourty summarized the Patriots’ position by wearing a t-shirt that read, “No Place for Racism, Fascism, Sexism and Hate.”

McCourty does not seem to know that when it comes to “sexism,” NFL athletes are outstanding examples of what not to do in relationships or marriages.

After all, a shockingly high number of players have been arrested for domestic abuse or sexual assault. One only has to think back to the whole controversy surrounding Ray Rice and his domestic abuse scandal to get an idea of how violent some of the NFL’s players are. Arrests and legal woes are par for the course for NFL athletes, and they’re not always the role models Americans want them to be.

As for racism and hate, the protest’s leader, former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, has been explicitly anti-police and anti-white since he first starting shunning the flag (and anthem) last year. He has also flirted with communist imagery, such as wearing a Fidel Castro t-shirt.

Kaepernick has also made some public postings relating to his support for the Islamic religion (Kaepernick maintains that he is not a Muslim, and blames American “Islamophobia” for spreading rumors about his religion).

The scene in Foxboro is the beginning of what many expect to be a widespread resistance to the NFL. While many in the commentariat were correct to note that President Trump’s call for NFL owners to fire players who protest the national anthem would lead to more players doing it, they fail to recognize that this is exactly what President Trump wanted.

Ordinary Americans can now finally see what most pro athletes really think of them. After watching American athletes stand for the British national anthem, but protest the American anthem on foreign soil, millions are turning off their TVs on Sunday, Monday, and Thursday.

This a good thing, frankly. Americans should stop their addiction to professional sports, and spend their time on family, friends, God, and further their own knowledge. Worshipping professional athletes as heroes is an unhealthy practice.

In the end, NFL protesters have been trying to make this a free speech issue. Well, President Trump has the right to his own opinion, but this isn’t known, evidently, judging by how the media has reacted. Also, the NFL choose to make this one point political. After all, this is the same league that fined or threatened to fine players for wearing patriotic shoes, remembering fallen police officers, or honoring their own parents.

The league has chosen to make this openly left-wing stand against basic civic nationalism. Never, ever forget that.