JUST IN: NFL Star Breaks His Silence, Exposes Disgusting Democrat Racism

Football player, Benjamin Watson, had some choice words on the issue of abortion during an interview with the Turning Point Pregnancy Resource Center in San Diego.

According to LifeSiteNews, Watson discussed the fact that Planned Parenthood founder, Margaret Sanger, created the organization as a means to marginalize the black community. He said, “I do know that blacks kind of represent a large portion of the abortions, and I do know that honestly the whole idea with Planned Parenthood and Sanger in the past was to exterminate blacks.” He added, “And it’s kind of ironic that it’s working.”

Watson went on to highlight the fact that minorities “overwhelmingly support the idea of having Planned Parenthood and the like,” even though Sanger founded the organization as a way to exterminate black Americans. Watson has a history of speaking out against abortion — his opposition to the practice is motivated by his Christian faith.

According to Watson, he isn’t the only football player who holds this opinion. He indicated that he has had conversations with many other players who feel the same way, even though they won’t discuss the issue publicly because of its controversial nature.

It is understandable that other players would be hesitant to speak out on a polarizing issue, given the heated state of political discourse in the United States. Watson agrees. He stated that we have stopped “learning how to respectfully disagree with each other.”

There are many who would disagree with Watson’s comments. Defenders of Planned Parenthood admit that Sanger believed in eugenics, but they deny the notion that she specifically targeted black Americans.

However, when you consider the fact she hired black pastors to encourage their congregations to get sterilized or take birth control, it is hard to dispute the racism at play.

The fact is, Margaret Sanger’s objective was to decimate the black population in the United States — and it is working. Hispanics have now surpassed Black Americans as the largest minority in the country.

The Radiance Foundation’s Ryan Bomberger revealed that, in New York City, “for every 1,000 black babies born alive, there are 1,100 aborted each year.” Additionally, the Center For Disease Control reported that 35% of babies aborted in 2013 were black.

A pro football player said the whole idea with Planned Parenthood and Sanger in the past was to exterminate blacks. Do you believe this was the case?

What is ironic is the fact that most black Americans believe that abortion should be legal. This wasn’t always the case — in the past, the majority of black Americans believed that abortion was wrong, even though the abortion rate among black Americans was still high. The Pew Research Center revealed that 62% of black Americans believe that abortion should be legal in “all or most case.”

The real tragedy is that black Americans are buying into the argument that abortion is a positive practice. The left has convinced them that abortion is about women’s rights, not about preserving life.

The black community is voting for political candidates who support a practice that ends thousands and thousands of black lives each year. Abortion has caused significant damage to the black community, and it won’t stop until black Americans stop believing the lies of the left.