BREAKING: NFL QB Infuriates Liberals With Epic Response To Vegas Shooting

After any tragedy, people seek comfort in their beliefs to try to make sense of the horrors of the world.

NFL quarterback Carson Wentz sought comfort in his faith and encouraged others to do the same over Twitter. “So much hate and evil. So sad. The World needs Jesus in a bad way. Praying for all those affected in Vegas,” Wentz wrote.

The response from the Left was as disappointing as it was predictable. Leftists cried out that there is no God, that Wentz’s “fiction” is getting in the way of the solutions they propose: education, gun control, and more.

Roy Larsen responded, “We don’t need fiction Carson; that is part of the world’s problem. We need better education.”

One Twitter user, whose handle is Tristin, wrote, “This is the dumbest possible reaction to what happened.”

The response to Wentz’s tweet is just more proof that many on the Left without religion take comfort, not in God, or even more traditional American values, but in their political ideology and government.

The cries for gun control after a tragedy don’t wait for facts — or even for proof, sometimes, that the attacker used a gun! The Federalist noted that after the Ohio State University attack committed in 2016, leftists called for gun control. The attacker used a vehicle and a knife.

The calls for gun control leave an overwhelming majority of the nation out in the cold. Leftists pretend that those who don’t agree with them on gun control must not care, even as offerings of prayers and compassion are intended to comfort, acknowledge, and support¬†all of them.

One has to wonder if celebrities, media elites, and angry college students are really unaware that those who think differently from them are still good people. Are we not all created equal by God?

In some cases, it seems these people truly no longer look at those on the other side of the political spectrum as humans. Consider the CBS executive who, according to the New York Post, could not sympathize with the victims of the Las Vegas shooting, because “country music fans often are Republican gun-toters.”

CBS fired the executive quickly. But, how does anyone become so senseless and unfeeling?

Yes, there are many religious people who think gun control is the answer to this and other tragedies. But, many of them can be credited with responding to tragedies first with compassion and faith in God, and then with political policy and ideological agenda items.

NFL quarterback Carson Wentz said,So much hate and evil. So sad. The World needs Jesus in a bad way. Praying for all those affected in Vegas.” Do you take comfort in your faith in times of crisis?

If all Americans responded with faith first, the country would be stronger and more compassionate. Wentz is right; everyone needs Jesus.

To those atheists and agnostics on the Left who will not take shelter in Jesus, they should at least take comfort in Jesus’ values. Compassion, forgiveness, and the strength of the Spirit enable healing after a tragedy.

Although Christians don’t agree with those calling for gun control, they still empathize and feel a need to protect those from the horrible tragedy. After all, that is the example Jesus set for all, and it is an example everyone should try to live up to.