NFL Player in Tears After Being Ejected from Game Over Altercation on Opposing Team’s Sideline

Emotions were running high during the Sunday night football game between the Green Bay Packers and the Buffalo Bills — especially after Packers rookie linebacker Quay Walker got ejected from the game for shoving Zach Davidson, the Bills practice squad tight end, on the sidelines.

About 4 minutes before the end of the first half of the Sunday night game, Walker tackled Bills rookie running back James Cook, Sports Illustrated reported.

Both players rolled out of bounds, and as Walker and Cook were getting up, Davidson, who was not in uniform, appeared to back away from the players and then briefly grabbed Walker’s arm, perhaps trying to help him get up. But Walker responded by shoving Davidson.

This led to a flag and officials penalizing the linebacker for unsportsmanlike behavior. After review, Walker was then ejected, Sports Illustrated added.

After the game, KTTV’s sports reporter Nicole Menner spoke with Walker about the incident and tweeted that he was in tears over it.

“Quay Walker spoke to us in the locker room and explained what happened on the ejection from his perspective. Will post the full answer soon, but he grew very emotional and was wiping away tears before leaving the locker room,” Menner tweeted.


Later Menner posted a video of the interview after Walker had seemingly composed himself.

He explained that he felt that he was pushed as he was getting up and that led him to respond accordingly. But he apologized and said he regretted pushing Davidson.

Walker did say that he felt that he had been pushed, however.

“I felt somebody push me from behind, and I probably misinterpreted on what it was. I just felt the push and I’m on their sideline, feelings just flowing. I’m very hyped and everything like that, and I just let it out of emotion,” Walker said. “Right away, as soon as I did that, I regretted that I did that. But it’s something I’m going to have to live with and I’m going to have to face. I’m willing to do so. But I apologized to the guy that I did push, although I did feel like I was pushed.”

“It’s something I can’t do, and that’s something I already know. I hate that I did it because people that don’t really know me are going to really assume that I’m this bad guy just because of that one play. [LaFleur] told me I can’t do that. And normally in those situations they always get the second guy, so it’s just something I can’t do,” Walker also said, according to Sports Illustrated.

Meanwhile, Packers coach Matt LaFleur said that Walker’s behavior was unacceptable and that he has told his players that they have to keep their heads during games, NBC Sports reported.

“I told him on the field, ‘It’s always the second guy, and you’ve got to keep your poise.’ That’s something we talk about, we stress all the time, we show clips of guys around the league losing their mind, and it’s an unfortunate lesson that he’s got to learn,” LeFleur said.

“And I hope it’s a reminder for everyone on our football team. That’s the kind of stuff I have zero tolerance for. Mistakes are gonna happen, but losing your cool, losing your poise, putting your team in jeopardy, I’ve got no tolerance for that,” LaFleur added.

The Packers lost to the Bills 27-17, NBC Sports added.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.