BREAKING: NFL Commissioner Gets Awful News, He Doesn’t Like This One Bit

The controversy in the National Football League is going strong into Week 10 of the season. Now, the tensions have increased, and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is not happy.

Last season, Colin Kaepernick of the San Francisco 49ers decided to kneel during the national anthem. His action seemed harmless at the time but have now inspired additional protests of “racial injustice” spanning almost two seasons. Goodell has sent mixed messages regarding the protests, which has frustrated owners and fans. According to The Washington Examiner, Goodell’s indecisiveness with the protestors is partially responsible for Jerry Jones, owner of the Dallas Cowboys, threatening to file a lawsuit against the National Football League. 

Jones’ threat of filing a lawsuit against the NFL stems from Goodell’s recent lackluster leadership, particularly concerning the anthem protest controversy. Reports say that the lawsuit will go through if the NFL extends Goodell’s contract beyond the 2018 season.

As of Wednesday, reports claim that Jones has hired David Boies, a famous New York lawyer. Boies has worked in the past for high ranking officials such as former Vice President Al Gore.

The anger stems from Goodell’s inconsistency on the issue of national anthem protests. He has claimed that he wants players to stand for the national anthem but then follows it up by saying that players don’t have to stand for the anthem, and won’t be penalized.

Jones’ frustration goes further due to the way that Goodell and the NFL handled the suspension of Ezekiel Elliott, a running back for the Cowboys. The suspension occurred due to a charge of alleged domestic violence.

An insider long-time team executive revealed that Jones is not the only owner who feels this way. In fact, quite a few owners have gripes to pick with Goodell and the NFL as a whole.

“Most owners would admit that Roger has done a terrible job handling the anthem controversy and a terrible job explaining the [TV] rating declines, a terrible job on any number of other issues,”  the executive explained.

The controversy over NFL protests has settled down since the start of the 2017-2018 season. At one point, whole teams were kneeling with their coaches and staff over the protests.

Jerry Jones, the owner of the Dallas Cowboys, is threatening to file a lawsuit against the NFL. Should he file?

Many teams alleged that they were trying to show their disdain for President Trump after he said that protesting players should be fired from their teams. In this sense, the teams only further muddied the water on what this protest means.

Kaepernick announced that he was kneeling to battle “racial injustice” and “police brutality,” while other players kneeled to combat President Trump. The NFL protests have become similar to the Democrats marching against President Trump in “resistance.” There is no clear message for their actions. Therefore, it’s difficult for the average American to connect to their cause.

As the end of Goodell’s contract gets closer, it seems that Jones plans on taking action against the commissioner and the NFL for failing to do their job. Many are wondering who will come out on top if this makes it to court.