BREAKING: New Monument Honoring Obama Is In The Works, But It Gets Worse

This country has a serious issue with division among people. Suddenly, many see race, sexual orientation, and gender as deciding factors for employment and other critical activities.

Recently, former President Obama made an odd request for the building of his future library. Before construction can begin, Obama needs assurance that at least 35% of the contracts will go to minorities, according to The Daily Wire. Instead of basing the construction on experience and quality of work, Obama is playing the race card — as usual.

According to a released report, “The Obama Foundation is asking the four construction teams vying to build the presidential center to set high standards for local and minority hiring.” Does this mean that these companies have to ask for the race and orientation of prospective employees?

If the answer is yes, they are technically breaking the law. You cannot be fired or denied a job based on the color of your skin, sexual orientation, and so forth.

What the Obama foundation is failing to realize is that this rule also applies to white people. You cannot deny whites jobs based on the color of their skin. It’s as if Obama is telling contracting companies that they have too many whites on staff.

Imagine if the script was flipped. Could you imagine hearing, “You have too many blacks working here, we will go elsewhere?” Antifa and Black Lives Matter would be burning property and protesting in minutes. Where are their standards?

In order for construction to start, firms need to present a full plan that would award “half” of its subcontracts to diverse suppliers. We wonder if the statue of Obama that will undoubtedly be out front of the facility will be vandalized, like all conservative statues seem to be lately.

What Obama is suggesting applies to companies that are owned by LGBTQ people, as well as disabled-owned business as well. The quality of the work is irrelevant, as long as you have the right skin color, gender, or social status. We’ve seen this sort of rhetoric before, where racial tensions were used to supposedly forward a noble cause. Those of us who are wise understand that it’s little more than an attempt to stir up racial relations in the United States further.

These companies don’t just have to bring in minority workers. The firms must also show the Obama Foundation how they plan on recruiting, training, and retaining these individuals.

David Simas, the CEO of the foundation stated, “We are committed to creating meaningful opportunities and jobs for local businesses, community members, and underrepresented communities in the South Side and throughout Chicago, and using our platform to pioneer new approaches to engaging minority populations in the construction industry to provide not just short-term jobs, but long-term professional opportunities.”

No one has spoken about what will happen if the firms don’t comply with the request for minority workers. Instead of working to bring the country together, as President Trump has done, especially in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, Obama is still trying to divide us further.