WATCH: New Footage Released of the 9/11 Attack, Please Watch and Remember

It’s doubtful that anyone likes re-watching videos of the horrible event that shook this nation to its core. However, it’s important to look back on the anniversary of that fateful day and remember both the lives that were lost, as well as how quickly things can be turned upside down.

A New York University student released a video from her dorm room window of the 9/11 attack. Containing new footage from an angle never seen before, one can’t help but be reminded of the reality and how unsafe the country really is – no matter where we live.

In what can only be described as a particularly painful video to watch, one New York University student and her friend captured footage of the fateful event, as well as their own panic as the situation unfolded.

Recorded on 200 Water Street by Caroline Dries, the three-minute video showed smoke emerging from the twin towers after the first plane had crashed. At first, the duo is concerned about the smoke, not entirely realizing what had happened. What’s especially shocking is that video captured many people jumping out of the buildings to their deaths.

“What are those big heavy things,” asked one student until the dark realization hit her, “oh my God, don’t be a person.”

The video proceeds to show several people jumping out of the buildings to escape 1000-degree flames that were scorching them. Over 200 people jumped from the twin towers on that day – preferring not to be burnt alive.

The video captured the second plane’s impact on the second tower as fireballs and debris exploded out of the building. Things get even harder to watch amidst the screaming as the atmosphere deteriorates into one of terror and fear – almost as though the viewer is watching it unfold with them.

The scariest thing about it all was the fact that no one saw this coming. To the ordinary American, it was just a typical day. In just a few minutes, however, their entire lives — as well as the history of the entire nation — was turned upside-down.

It’s even more frightening to think that two planes were all it took to deal this much damage and loss of life. Imagine what a more coordinated attack would do, such as a potential EMP from North Korea. Experts would suggest that millions of Americans would die from the result of an attack such as that.

The truth is we don’t know what the future will hold, and it only takes one incident to redefine the course of history for the next decade. Americans are still feeling the ramifications of the Patriot Act, both good and bad, and the thousands of families that lost loved ones will be feeling their losses for decades to come.

The history books will forever remember 9/11 as the day that changed the 21st century. Each year, anniversary services take place to memorialize the fallen, as they serve as a reminder to “Never Forget.”

As we remember those and pray for them, we would do well to remember that we are living in a time where such an attack can come again at any moment.