BOMBSHELL: Shocking New Detail Found In JFK Files, This Is Massive

The idea that the Kennedy assassination was an orchestrated plot is one that many considered a conspiracy theory. However, it appears there might be some truth to it after all.

Dallas nightclub owner Jack Ruby, who shot and killed assassin Lee Harvey Oswald, told an FBI informant to “watch the fireworks” just hours prior to President Kennedy’s assassination, according to The Daily Mail.

The nightclub owner commented on the morning of President John F. Kennedy’s assassination to an FBI informant that implied he knew well in advance what was about to take place, according to the newest batch of declassified JFK documents from the Trump administration.

Mr. Ruby, who was eventually charged with killing Lee Harvey Oswald before the FBI managed to interrogate him, asked an FBI informant if he would like to “watch the fireworks” with him as Kennedy’s motorcade drove through downtown Dallas just a few hours before the killing took place.

Two days later, Jack Ruby shot and killed Oswald while he was transferred from the city to county jail. This interaction between Mr. Ruby and the FBI informant was not relayed to the Bureau until March 1977, 14 years after the event occurred.

“The informant stated that on the morning of the assassination, Ruby contacted him and asked if he would ‘like to watch the fireworks,'” an FBI record dated April 6, 1977, said. “He was with Jack Ruby and standing at the corner of the Postal Annex Building facing the Texas School Book Depository Building at the time of the shooting. Immediately after the shooting, Ruby left and headed toward the area of the Dallas Morning News Building.”

CBS News reports that the informant, who was revealed to be Bob Vanderslice, told the FBI in 1977 that Jack Ruby said nothing to him after the assassination took place, but that Mr. Vanderslice did get to know the nightclub owner better while he was in the Dallas County Jail.

Jack Ruby died in prison, and when coupled with the fact that he was known to have connections to the mafia, theories have arisen that the nightclub owner might have been part of a larger plot to kill President Kennedy.

These findings come in light of the Trump administration’s release of the JFK assassination files. Personally ordered by President Trump, over 10,744 records were released online in the fifth mass release this year.

Although both the FBI and CIA have objected to releasing some of these files on the basis of national security, the President said that once a 180-day review period has expired, all remaining documents will be disclosed to the public with any necessary redactions.

With the newly released JFK files, conspiracy theories about JFK’s assassination being planned are gaining traction. Do you think JFK’s assassination was planned?

“Subject to the receipt of further information, I will be allowing, as President, the long blocked and classified JFK FILES to be opened,” tweeted the President, adding that “At the end of that period, I will order the public disclosure of any information that the agencies cannot demonstrate meets the statutory standard for continued postponement of disclosure.”

The details of Ruby’s comment is intriguing and lends some substance to the rumors of his potential involvement in the assassination plot. More details are expected in the future as further documents pertaining to JFK’s assassination come to light.