Neighborhood Cancels Trick-or-Treating After Garbageman Makes Horrifying Discovery While Collecting Trash

Fact is often said to be stranger than fiction. Turns out, fact can also be a whole lot scarier, too.

A neighborhood street in Wyandotte, Michigan, just outside Detroit, has decided to cancel trick-or-treating after a literal house of horrors was discovered by a garbageman.

What was in the house? Apologies to anyone suffering from katsaridaphobia, but the house was infested beyond belief by cockroaches.

As WXYZ-TV in Detroit reported, a portion of the street would be closed for all trick-or-treating events to ensure that cockroaches wouldn’t spread to more homes.

You can watch the report on the creepy crawlies below:

“You know, this is the kind of story that actually makes your skin crawl,” WXYZ reporter Peter Maxwell began.

Maxwell then cited some local residents who have all claimed that the problem is only getting worse.

“Everybody’s really upset about it,” a woman identified only as “Shirley” told WXYZ.

Another resident, Lisa Labean, actually lives right next door to the roach house.

“You could say it’s a nightmare scenario out of a horror movie,” Maxwell narrated in the voiceover.

Labean’s comment bore that out.

“You lay in bed and you think something’s crawling on you or something,” she said. “It’s horrible.”

Unfortunately for Labean, the nightmare scenario doesn’t just end with the roach infestation. The problem has gotten big enough to affect her bank account.

“I’ve been sick because I’ve got almost $1,800 into this and professional poisons and I’m terrified,” Labean said. “I don’t want them coming in my house.”

Labean said she has had to spray the side of her house every day for two and a half months.

Tom Vargo, who lives across the street from the roach infestation, saw the beginning of this horror movie play out during a routine garbage pickup on Aug. 12.

“When the trash man threw the contents into the back of the truck he immediately noticed a bunch of movement and it was filled with roaches,” Vargo recounted to WXYZ.


When the trash man reported his findings, police were dispatched to perform a wellness check on the house. Unsurprisingly, given everything authorities know thus far, the house was deemed not livable, Maxwell reported.

When the residents moved out, they were asked to wrap their belongings and leave them outside so they could be sprayed for roaches, Maxwell reported. The family obviously did not do that, as the infestation has grown out of control since.

While it may be a stretch to say that there’s any sort of a “war” on Halloween occurring, this latest episode from Wyandotte is just one more horror story in a Halloween season that already has too many of them.

Whether it’s a roach infestation, inflation hitting candy prices, or just general violence in the streets, trick-or-treating in 2022 is not what it used to be in this country.

For the children of this street in Wyandotte, it’s not clear they’ll be able to return to trick-or-treating even next year.

The city has told WXYZ that it could take some time to exterminate the roaches, but it is offering to spray every yard in the neighborhood in the meantime.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.