BREAKING: NBC Makes Surprise Announcement About Megyn Kelly’s Career

Megyn Kelly had a long-standing and successful career at Fox News. After covering the 2016 election, Kelly announced she was moving to NBC in order to spend more time with her family and focus on a different aspect of journalism.

Since hiring Megyn Kelly, NBC has likely been regretting their decision due to falling ratings and loss of ad revenue. In a desperate attempt to salvage what they can from a poor business decision, they are moving Kelly from prime time news to a morning show. (via Hollywood Reporter)

Megyn Kelly was once a star, albeit a controversial one, on Fox News. Then the 2016 election came along, where she infamously engaged in a feud with Trump during a debate for the primaries. The feud lasted through much of the election and generated mass views for Fox.

After the Roger Ailes sexual harassment scandal, Kelly decided to leave her lucrative $15 million salary at Fox News and move to NBC for $17.5 million. Her show,  “Sunday Night With Megyn Kelly,” was expected to boost NBC’s ratings and hopefully bring in additional profits.

Her show has struggled as each interview has brought in low ratings after each airing. Ratings really took a dive for Kelly after her controversial interview with Alex Jones, creator of InfoWars. Interviewing Jones on a liberal network sparked outcry from audiences and even led to JP Morgan Chase refusing to advertise during the segment. Things got so bad, NBC decided not to air the segment due to the dismal ratings.

NBC decided this week that Kelly’s show has no hope in the prime time slot, and will air her show in the morning in an effort to recoup their losses. An NBC spokeswoman said the new show will be filmed in front of a live studio audience and is set to air on Sept. 25th.

In an effort to give her show a fighting chance,  Kelly is padding her team with some heavy hitters in the industry.

She has hired Katy Davis, former senior producer of Oprah Winfrey’s show, and Kelly is expected to announce on Friday the hiring of Jackie Levin to be executive producer of the show. Levin is known for being able to book high-profile interviews that have boosted NBC’s ratings in the past, though given Kelly’s failed interview with Putin, it’s unclear how this will help.

NBC President Noah Oppenheim believes Levin will be a boon for the show, as confirmed by a memo about the hire. “I know she’s one of the most talented and hardest-working producers in television news. In her current role as Senior Producer in charge of series, special projects and books, Jackie leads a team that produces an enormous amount of content on ‘Today’. Her intimate knowledge of the brand will be invaluable as we launch Megyn’s show under the ‘Today’ umbrella,” said Oppenheim.

After moving from primetime slots on Fox News and NBC, Kelly will now have a morning show on NBC instead. Do you think this spells the end of her career? Let readers know in the poll below!

It’s understandable that NBC wants to salvage what they can of a bad $17.5 million investment, though it seems they’ve failed to learn their lesson as they expect to be able to charge 30% more on advertising costs during the new morning show.

It is unclear whether Megyn Kelly will find success in her new time slot, but what is clear is that Kelly has a lot of work ahead of her if she wants to gain the trust of liberal and conservative viewers alike. This just goes to show that you can’t play on both sides of the fence.