If You’re a Nazi, Don’t Call Yourself a Christian

At Christian News Alerts, we reject bigotry and make no excuses for “conservatives” who deny the dignity and individual worth of every single human being.

We place this motto in our “reject bigotry” page right at the top of our website because it’s critical to who we are. Rather than focusing on a person’s race or creed, we focus on what they believe and their character.

Charlottesville Is a Stain on America and Shows We Need Christ

The events of the past few days in Charlottesville, Virginia are horrifying to us.

They’re horrifying because of what they represent and because of the real world impacts. An innocent woman is dead. Do not equivocate — Heather Heyer had a right under the First Amendment to protest. Now she’s gone because an evil neo-Nazi murdered her in cold blood.

And yes, he’s really a neo-Nazi. Some fake news sites reported that he wasn’t. But he was.

The pro-neo-Nazi protests in Virginia represent something shocking: the fact that evil still lives amongst us. Racism is alive and well today. As conservatives who believe in individual worth and dignity, it is our duty to call out and destroy bigotry wherever it exists.

And we cannot possibly do this alone. No matter who is President, we still need Jesus, and our culture needs Him as well. We need radical transformation–on abortion, on family issues and, yes, on issues of race. Only Jesus can meet these needs.

We Fought Nazis Once, and We’ll Do It Again

My grandfather fought in World War II and helped to defeat the Japanese Navy. In doing so, he helped to end several evil empires, including the German Nazis. How heartbroken he would be to see American men and women marching in the streets to defend that hateful ideology. What an insult to his work and the ultimate sacrifice made by countless others!

Make no mistake: Nazism and all other forms of hate are anti-Christ and anti-American. If you support these monsters, you are neither a Christian nor a patriot.

The same ideology that put human beings in furnaces in the 1940s now marches in our streets. Although we may support their right to assemble peaceably, we despise their hateful ideology and the satanic culture they champion. We must defeat them.

The church has a duty to defeat hatred and replace it with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our Stand

Christian News Alerts is steadfastly dedicated to bringing out the very best of America. We will not back down–ever–nor will we allow bigotry to pervert our hearts. Instead, we will honor God, and respect human dignity, which He has bestowed upon each human soul.

For, as the late great Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said, “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

Please stand with us, and let us drive out hate together.